PUBG Mobile: Basic Features

Updated: October 8, 2021

Before mentioning the basic features of PUBG Mobile, let’s first talk about the game. PUBG Mobile or Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds is a famous mobile game. The game started initially as a PC (Personal Computer) game but got released as a mobile game on March 23, 2017, by its original owner Brendan Greene.

The game allows players to compete from various parts of the world online. One squad can contain a maximum of four players to play at a single time. Apart from that, you can also play in a duo or as a solo player in the lobby.

You can select a map in the game and land at some random place, pick up weapons and healing, and take fights with your opponents.

Modes and Formats

There is quite a variety in the game as it is available with different modes. For example, you can play Classic mode maps, including ErangleMiramarSanhok, etc. The match in a Classic mode lasts for an average of about 30 minutes if you can survive till the end. Apart from these, there are other enjoyable modes like Arena training.

TDM (Team Deathmatch), Gun game modes, and other modes like the ‘Quick Matches.’ Such modes last for no longer than 5-8 minutes. These are available for those in a rush and can have some quick fun and relaxation.

You can play either in a squad that contains a maximum of four players. Also, you can play in a duo or as a solo. There is also an option of ‘auto-match making,’ which allows you to team up randomly.


Features of PUBG Mobile

Following are some of the most basic and important features of PUBG Mobile:


In-Game Currency

Likewise, in other games, you can also spend money to buy the currency of the respective game. The first one is UC (Unknown Cash), the main currency alongside which a new currency is introduced, known as AG (Ace Gold). It helps you buy different unique and delightful skins.


Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile

You have to update the game whenever a particular season ends with a new RP (Royal Pass). An RP contains new and exciting rewards. You can also buy the elite RP with 600uc, which gives you additional exclusive rewards.


Crates and Coupons

There are four main crates present in the game from the start till now:

  • Premium
  • Classic
  • Supply
  • Soldier’s Crate

In addition, some special crates are introduced during special events like Global Championship, New Year event, Ramadan, Easter, or during some collaborations. You can redeem crates like premium and classic by gaining and combing 10 coupons off the particular crate or buying them using UC. Special event crates are bought mainly by using UC.


Spins, Draws, and Vouchers

Along with the arrival of special events, special spins and draws are also introduced. Mostly these are redeemed by using the UC. You can also get different discount UC vouchers. You can also get the voucher that offers you a higher discount by doing more spins, draws, and vice versa.


Features of the Shop

The word represents its meaning as you can buy different items: Guns, Vehicles, Coupons, avatars, Rename Cards, Room cards, vouchers, etc.


Silver Fragments

Silver fragments are also available in the game to redeem different items. You can buy a limit of 25 silver fragments daily from the Shop.


Room Cards

There are different forms of room cards that are available in the game. A single-time room card is obtained from the Clan Shop or by UC. There is also a customizable room card known as ‘Advanced room cards’ and similar to that are known as ‘Tournament Room cards.’


Upgradable Skins

You can upgrade some specific special vehicle or gun skins also some particular outfits that comes with many special, unique, and at the same time quite blissful effects.


Clans and Crews

A player can choose to be indifferent clans and crew of their own, with a single clan having a limit of 50 players through which you can obtain different rewards and redeem additional items. On the other hand, a maximum of 6 players is added to a crew through which you can get registered in the Crew challenge, and thus, after gaining points, can achieve awards.


Characters in PUBG Mobile

A total of 4 characters, Victor, Carlo, Sara, and Andy, have been introduced till now, with some other characters available in a limited-time event. The game also introduced a companion ‘Falcon’ for the players.


Statistics, Achievements, and Daily Missions

Your statistics and career results, along with that K/ D (Kill to death) ratio, can also be seen in your statistics portion. You can also accomplish the daily mission and different achievements to earn exciting rewards.


Maps of PUBG Mobile



Erangel is a Classic match for all the new and old users of the game. Features and locations like modern houses, vehicles, factories, ports, cities, and villages are available on the maps. In addition, weapons, healings, throwables, vehicles, etc., are available in different locations and utilized during a fight. It is the most classic, old, and favorite map for the players.



On a map like Miramar, you can enjoy a different vibe with high and low ridges, mountains and cliffs, etc. This full desert map also got houses, churches, power plants, etc. Still, though being a desert, you can find some unusual cars like a six-seater bus or a long-sized car known as Mirado, which can be very difficult to operate so but still is enjoyable to some extent.



Other maps like Sanhok give you the surroundings of a vast natural forest with some ancient built houses having some statues and sculptures in it though totally a different map as compared to Miramar but have similar vehicle issue as it contains some hard vehicles which are slightly tricky to operate and others like a ‘scooter’ instead of a bike and a ‘tukshai.’



Vikendi is a snow and ice-covered map with various mountains and peaks. It contains different houses, factories, other ridges, and some underground locations. Also, the map has its specific guns and vehicle. Guns like G36C and MP5K are only available in Vikendi.



Livik is the latest Classic mode map in the respective game. However, it is a beta version map. Therefore, it is a shorter and quicker map. But on the other hand, it can help you gain the same influential ranking for your tier in other respective maps. This map is a mixture of all other classic maps. It contains all the features of the other four individual maps with some new features.