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Fall Guys Game Review | Ultimate Knockout

The Fall Guys Game Review concept is familiar to those who have seen game shows like Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle. Run your own Jelly Bean avatar through up to five inflatable carnage kits for a chance to win the crown. Each game frames as a section and has a maximum length of about 15 minutes.

Controls are simple – running, jumping, diving, and gripping are the only tools you can use to navigate obstacle courses, avoid enemies or last a lifetime in survival-oriented events that threaten to dive into the muddy depths. If you are knocked out, you can see the left fighting for the title while the musical equivalent of glycerin flows into your ears.

A game show is only as good as their game. And this is where the current 24-player group Fall Guys largely wins. Steeplechase was the one I had the most fun with, mainly because I was on the line when the grains bounced off each other and wounded desperately against the D-line. I got there and tries to cut.

But games based on stupid physics can often cost as much as they provide, as seen in See Saw. Which differs from other races in that it can be incredibly frustrating almost immediately. Interestingly, the whole field consists of several large turns and strongly trusts that your competitors understand how this play equipment for young children works. It’s surprising how few of them seem to do that. As you will find that basic physics makes you jump hopelessly from their title platforms.


Around and Around

Each game is divided into rounds, each of which is a randomly selected event from a selection of about two dozen. Events like Hit Parade, Dizzy Heights, and The Whir LYGIG are obstacle courses where you run from start to finish. Avoiding moving objects and trying not to tip over from the platforms (if you end up in these events, they usually take you back to a route).

Checkpoint, however, is immediate elimination on the way mucus falls into ascending mucus. In these events, each player rushes to the end. After a certain number of players (depending on the round and the number of new players) have crossed the finish line, everyone else is eliminated.


Easy to Move

The controls are the same regardless of the event. The left analogue stick moves your character, the right analogue stick controls the camera, a face button jumps, a face button jumps forward. And the right shutter button grabs the next player or object. Anything can be Attain by running and jumping; Grabbing is only necessary. When playing Tag to catch tails, or in Egg Scramble to collect eggs. You can also hold on to the edge of a platform and slowly walk up. However, this movement is very irregular, especially when the platform is in motion. These are simple, easy-to-learn commands for any event.



Go to the Fall

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is unique among Battle Royale games, with a friendly, non-violent design and addictive gameplay loop that, along with Tetris 99, makes it more fun than PUBG. Like all Battle Royale games, playing all the time is due to a healthy online community. But its original popularity bodes well for long-term players. This is a fun and friendly Battle Royale game that is safe for children without violence.



  • Crazy multiplayer games in a dynamic game program
  • Fun alone or with friends
  • Offers a variety of well-designed obstacle courses and challenges


Fall Guys Game Review: Disadvantages

  • Income generation is uncertain at best.
  • Falling children may not have legs but new levels
  • Server problems make the game insecure at this time.


Fall Guys Game Review: Server Problem

After an uneven first day for the Fall Guys server with many players struggling to log in. It seems like a much more seamless experience at the time of writing. Pairing problems are much less common and finding a pairing was a fairly quick process, often in 30 seconds. However, some mini-games sometimes experience delays that can be frustrating when removed. Overall, it seems that the server’s stability has improved regularly since its launch, but you should definitely keep an eye on the weather.

Another small but similar disappointment is the limit of four players per group. This is the only way to make sure you participate in the same tournament together. I can only imagine how fun it would be to have a lobby with a large number of people who know they are fighting for the crown. With this in mind, the opportunity to create my own games and playlists would be high on my wish list in the future.

Another reason why this is so desirable is that although most events are very fun, there are parts of Fall Guys that fail. This includes Perfect Match, an overly simple memory game that results in too Few, eliminations and, most criminally of all, is a bit boring compared to the chaos elsewhere.

One of the rounds that include the “Tail Tag” mechanic can be a rage. Basically, you have to chase your opponents in an arena and grab the tail. However, this can often prove to be a pointless exercise, as the claw mechanic often only holds on to it when it is very close and it is challenging to get close to it. When it is moving at the same speed as the current tail from the owner.


Fall Guys Game Review: Judgement

A collection of exciting mini-games and a handful of all the colours under the rainbow make Fall Guys. A constant joy, although it can sometimes be frustrating. Apart from some irritation over the quality of life, it stands out from the party and fights king games that inspired it in ridiculously fun ways. I may only have a handful of crowns in my name so far. And I look forward to getting more, but above all, I look forward to the excitement, screams, and laughter I want along the way.

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