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Updated: October 8, 2021

In addition to PlayStation 5, Sony has released several peripherals available at the next-generation console launch. You have Pulse 3D wireless headsets, a PS5 camera, a Media Remote, and a PS5 DualSense controller. Still, you do not sleep on the less glamorous but functional PS5 controller charging station when you take an extra gamepad with the console. Read this DualSense Charging Station PS5 Review.

The charging station is simple, but it is the simplicity that makes it so good. In addition to a headphone jack on the underside of the controller near the handles, DualSense also has a charging cable. So you can place the control unit in the charging station with the cables facing down and attach it to the bracket. The controller fits perfectly into the base as a Tetris block, and the DualSense LEDs indicate charging.

It’s a simple thing, yet the charging station is an excellent and neat way to keep the controls in a secluded place, and you know that they are always ready to go. It’s also much cleaner than using the USB-C cable that comes with your controls to charge it through the USB ports on the front or back of the PS5.

The charging station uses the same form factor as the PS5 when it comes to design but is small and light, unlike the console charger, so you can easily place it on an entertainment system or a table near your home.

These are the essential PS5 peripherals, but if you go back to showing the pace around uncontrolled controls, the Sony PS5 DualSense charging station is a great way to protect your organization and has everything straightforward use.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station What I Like

It is not complicated technology, so there is not much to say. The charging station has an elegant design that complements the PS5 console itself. Charge two controllers at the same time, and it only takes 3 hours to charge them fully. Although I have one DualSense controller to test, I found that the charging time of 3 hours was correct.

DualSense controllers are located vertically in the charging station and connect via the charging connections at the bottom next to the 3.5 mm connector. They snap easily into place. As soon as DualSense is docking, the light bar around the touchpad lights up to indicate the charge status. It slowly flashes orange during the charging process and shuts off when fully charged.

Anyway, it works just right. It is an almost perfect charging station.


The Competition

When it comes to DualSense charging stations, the competition is nothing special. You can find third-party charging points on the market a little cheaper, as they offer the same function as Sony’s official charging point. For example, Collective Minds offers a PS5 DualSense charger slightly larger than Sony’s but charges two controllers simultaneously. It has two controllers that can be charged in less than 5 hours, cost $10 less than the official device, and cost $20.

If you are looking for something a little less spotty, there is also the charging station Benazcap. A flat cushion projecting USB-C connectors and a slightly raised surface to weigh the control unit during charging. For $19, that’s almost as much as Collective Minds has to offer. You should see that the drivers with this device are fully charged in 3-4 hours and a half.


NexiGo Dobe PS5 Controller Charger

The first is the NexiGo Dobe PS5 Controller Loader. This control charger combines a unique design with high-quality hardware. It can host up to two PS5 DualSense controllers and charge them simultaneously. The controls are located in the charging port and can turn upside down for charging. It is an unconventional design option, but it prevents the USB-C charging bit from bending due to the controller’s weight.


PS5 Charging Station Amazon

Do not be fooled by the retailers who sell the Sony DualSense charging station PS5 at a much higher price. You should not pay more than $29.99 for this. Unfortunately, we see it all the time for $129.99, and it’s a highway robbery for a single PS5 accessory.

A DualSense charging station isn’t needed. The console includes a USB-C cable that allows charging the new control unit a breeze. It’s just that we found out that DualSense ran out of battery and made it easy to place the game controller in the charging station without having to fish for the USB-C cable. And you can charge two controllers simultaneously if they integrate into a PS5 package with an additional DualSense system. Sometimes PS5 charging station price is lower than Sony’s $29.99.


  • PS5 DualSense charging station amazon from $10.99
  • Walmart $12.13
  • Newegg starts at $9.99
  • $19.99 target
  • Black and white photography $19.99


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Use a DualSense Controller Charger?

Let us first explain why it is wise to use a controller charger.


1. Fast Charging

Perhaps the main reason for buying a docking station charger is fast charging. A generic USB-C cable charges without problems. But a connected control charger charges even faster. With the best-charging stations, the control batteries charge in just two hours.


2. Tidiness

Your entertainment center can be very crowded with speakers, receivers, and other consoles. Drivers are just one thing that increases clutter, especially since they are difficult to shape and can be tough to install. A controller charger is a natural and solution for keeping things tidy.


3. Avoid Overload

PS5 controllers use a lithium-ion battery. One problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they can become overcharged and eventually destroy their internal capacity. Modern control chargers detect the battery level and automatically reduce the voltage and current when the battery is full, saving overcharging. This mechanism keeps the battery healthy and increases the charging time.


4. Design

Another important function is how the control units connect to the charging station. The control units can be anchors in several ways, including: in a tower stacked at both ends of the quay, flat or hung. It would help if you made sure that the space where you place your controls still fits when they connect to them.


5. Indicators

You also know when chargers are ready. Most modern chargers have an LED indicator that changes color when the controller batteries are full. That way, you always know when it’s time to play.


Should I Buy DualSense Charging Station?


It would help if you bought it though

  • Do you want cheap charging equipment
  • Do you want an official Sony product
  • It has two DualSense controllers


However, you should not buy this.

  • Use the USB-C cable to charge the driver.
  • You don’t want to waste $ 30 on anything you don’t need
  • You only have one control unit

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