DIRT 5 PS5 Review

Dirt 5 is among the racing games we don’t deserve, but we need right now. It is different from any entry in the franchise that has ever been released before.

Suppose you are a fan of simulation games such as flying an aircraft or playing a spot. You probably have played Dirt Rally 2.0. It is the only game in which those ordinary mixed gaming realms comparisons apply.

But no matter how thrilling or brutal the experience the game can provide you. You can get highly satisfying, but to be honest, I had never enjoyed it as a fun game. On the other hand, Dirt 5 is quite a fun game.

Suppose you haven’t played the game yet. Assuming it let me tell you that this is an all-out arcade rally racer. It contains numerous controls of rough area racing, from typical vehicles to the present-day advanced trucks. And surprisingly, that ridiculous Jeep Wrangler thing with the slatted tires they race in Scandinavia.

The visualization and general shading range of the climate are fascinating and brilliant. Vehicle bodies are reckless and leave no doubt about the sponsor you’re presenting around the track. The vistas are incredible, and the music resonates from track-side PA frameworks to give weight to that celebration environment.

Developers Goals

According to the game developers, bringing Dirt 5 to Playstation 5 was a complex and unique challenge. So the question that arises is what are the extraordinary things provided to the players as the primary purpose of any game developer is to give the player a unique experience.

So one of the most significant things in the game that the developer has done and is quite remarkable and exclusive to next-generation consoles is the 120-hertz mode.


Frames Per Second (FPS)

Typically, frames per second of a game are 60 frames per second or 60 hertz, in other words. So when a player is driving at 120 frames, he will see double the amount of pixels. The average human eye can see up to 1000 frames per second, for your information. Now coming back to our topic. When you are sliding, you turn the camera or make adjustments. Everything feels smoother.

With that said, the feeling of responsiveness of the car, how it responds to the environment as it bumps along different crevices and things in the road. Moreover, it is going to feel more responsive and smooth.


The Utility of PS5 Dualsense

I like how Dirt 5 uses the PS5 Dual Sense on the controller’s features like the adaptive triggers. It is incredible.

One of the most remarkable features that I am not hearing loads of other people talking about is DualSense. Because triggers are excellent, they are amazing. But actually, the PS5 DualSense Controller is like. It is almost like a portal into how developers get you, the player, immersed in the game.


What is new in DIRT 5?

The rumble that you experienced in the controllers was the main way we felt in the past. It was a kind of hard-immersive experience while playing a video game. There wasn’t enough expression within the rumble. You had only two options which included a low rumble and a high rumble.

Moreover, you would adjust how frequently you turn them on and off. You provide a waveform to say how hard and soft you want it, like an audio file. Also, how much you want to push out and pull in. So these adaptive triggers allow us to feel the world how developers want us to feel it.

This technique allows players to feel the world how they want you to feel it as they drive around. So when you are bumping up against things, we can describe how hard this ground is to the controller.


A whole new experience

Moreover, how much resistance should your fingers feel as you drive across that surface? Making Dirt 5 no different than any other racing game on the market. I have never played anything like this before. Because you will experience great action. Also, I am experiencing great visuals. And I will again appreciate the quality of pixels because I am always playing in 120 FPS modes. I am experiencing great frame rates.

So much will be coming at you at once, as well as your fingers. Speaking of my own experience, I feel so brought into what Dirt 5 is because of the power of what I am experiencing in Playstation 5.



Dirt 5 practically tosses you into an occasion of tracks, and you advance through it at your will. An alternate “Main Event” is a more fantastic method than the rest and a feeble sponsorship dynamic to professional progress. Generally, however, there’s almost nothing to do when you’re not in the vehicle.

Nonetheless, Dirt 5 tosses an undeniably more varied extent of events at you as compared to any other game in my recent memory. While there are highlight point stages on the proposal here, there’s no regular meeting. Besides a periodic Gymkhana trip, most of the events happen alongside different challenges. There are no speed notes or service area stops. Wheel-to-wheel dashing is the core interest.

That includes everything from ordinary convention vehicles to trucks, carriages, and different cars intended for the most extraordinary rough terrain dashing possible. It is maybe best communicated in the game’s Stampede races and Path Finder time preliminaries. Races on incredibly misleading courses, with the extremely harsh and rough territory and crazy height changes. Here’s the place where those Motorstorm signs — a title this very group dealt with when it had a place with Sony numerous years prior — genuinely surface.


The Haptic Feedback

The haptic response of the game is quite remarkable despite the territory. You can sense the sand being hit up by the wheels of your car. Moreover, the rain is swinging down on your vehicle, and the mud spraying across the track from under your tires. I will tell you honestly that I was as excited for his first cycle as a child. It was the one point I was excited that much to feel the controller experience. And although some areas think alike, it is evident in nearly every race.

DIRT 5 on PS5 looks astonishing. Moreover, it’s nevertheless a sight to observe if you opt for visual representation and its quality overplay. The light shines into the sky, and over your windowpanes, and the visual results like fireworks and confetti give those trivial aspects that help elevate the overall expression.

The series of areas and countries on offer all have their taste carried to experience. The different variety of cars that can be unlocked all look amazing, and when you’re observing what they can do on the route, it is difficult for players to choose from these fantastic cars.


The 3D Audio

The 3D audio is an added nice bonus to DIRT 5 on PS5. Hearing through headphones allows you to listen to every effect in detail, all in symmetry with one another. Rival cars’ engines, rain on the roof, and the game’s classic soundtrack is less than a ride itself. With that said, all the other sounds all work collectively in peace. Which means no sound dies out. When you lose all these factors together, I know of nothing like it.

While all the playing modes are pretty similar, it becomes easier to process the Career mode acknowledgments to load times quickly. Seldom in the way of content has shifted. So you’ll still get excellent value for cash if you’re executing on PS4 and Xbox One. My advice for you is to make sure you buckle up because you’ll be killing a lot of time with Codemasters’ heavenly entry into the DIRT franchise.


Load Times

The load times are significantly improved compared to the last version of the game. The visuals provide a whole new experience. Moreover, the handling has been redefined to allow the full power of almost every vehicle. What fascinates me the most is how Codemasters have learned from the haptic feedback on the Dualsense controller.


Dirt 5: How to update?

In a nutshell, if you’ve previously bought Dirt 5 on PlayStation 4 and require to get the leap to PS5 without purchasing the game again. Dirt 5 isn’t the only platform giving a free upgrade. We’ve previously seen other cases, including one of the most awesome assassin games, the Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Moreover, games like Dead By Daylight, Borderlands, FIFA 21, and many more. So, how do you take in this free PS4 to PS5 upgrade?

You can do that. The identical suits those who own Dirt 5 on Xbox. One desiring to change to the more modern Xbox Series S|Series X. Generally, you won’t be capable of upgrading from one class of systems to the other. So don’t waste your time pushing or kicking your Xbox Dirt 5 disc in your PS5.

We’ve been examining the PS5’s games and features for several weeks. And ill tell you that now and while there’s a lot to love. Some characteristics don’t come marked with explainers or are covered away in submenus.


My Views

The good news for most players who are excited about a fancy new console. And those who are expecting to experience a whole package of action with Dirt 5. I can assure you that this game will not disappoint your expectations, as I have already mentioned that I am a massive fan of the Codmaster’s newest entry in the Dirt franchise.

I found it hard to find any noticeable faults even after playing DIRT 5 for about 20 hours on PS5. Also, it is self-evident that everyone should play the newest version of the game. As for those who have the old version of the game. The good news is that purchasing it on the PS4 offers a free upgrade to the next generation. So why doesn’t anyone upgrade it? This gaming experience will bring you closer to life and feel like you are in the operator’s seat.

If you wanted to know how it plays parallel to the last-gen, the most significant thing I saw was how fluent the gameplay appears. If you’re pumping for display, the cars drift about curves sublimely. It seems as though everything’s a lot faster, and with thankfulness to the Dualsense controller, you feel like each judgment you make is fully understood, whether utilizing or riding, using a competitor on edge as an advantage to get ahead, or rushing through the problematic area.

You sense the energy of the PS5 in the power of your car, giving a unique track adventure. The framerate is super sleek too. The show never dropped or closed, which is a good sign of things to come.


End Result

The final product is the most engaged Dirt experience this side of the Rally journeys. Yet an incredible and unique one. Dirt 5 offers more just the same as the PS3 model Motorstorm than anything Codemasters has released already.

That may put off long-lasting fans who stay connected to this brand’s Colin McRae-supported brilliant time. However, I trust it’s simply the new beginning this system urgently requires.

We hope this Dirt 5 PS5 Review will help you out. We tried to explain everything from gameplay to features.