Devil May Cry 5 PS5 Review – Special Edition

Devil May Cry 5 is an action-adventure game from 2019 developed and published by Capcom. It is the sixth part of the series and the fifth part of the main Devil May Cry series. Devil May Cry 5 PS 5 release date is March 8, 2019.

The game picks up five years after Devil May Cry 4 and follows a trio of demon-possessed warriors: Dante, Nero, and a new lead character named V as they try to prevent the demon king Urizen from ruining the human world.

During the journey through Red Grave City, the player can use these characters in various missions. Everyone has their way of fighting and becoming more assertive. Doing so reveals the secret behind V and his connection to Urizen.

Devil May Cry 5 was created by Hideaki Itsuno, whose goal was to make this part his best work. He wanted to balance beginners and return players by offering suitable, challenging, and new enemies.

Capcom wanted a more realistic design inspired by the RE Engine used in their previous work, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. As a result, models were used to shape the character faces. The plot was written by the author Bingo Morihashi, while the set was based in London. Several composers worked together to produce the game sounds and created three main themes focusing on playable characters.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition PS5

In terms of visual experience, the Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition offers more variety than anything you’ve experienced in a next-gen console. The three options are Ray-Tracing On (Animations)Ray-Tracing On (Performance), and Ray-Tracing Off. It is also possible to enable or disable high frame rate mode. Of course, it depends on whether you have an HDMI 2.1 compatible TV. It wasn’t very clear because the mode for a high frame rate would not be activated in connection with ray tracks.

When it comes to beam tracking graphics, they are very cool. Devil May Cry 5 is a charged game, and the constant effects that come back to you through a puddle or a window will certainly not go unnoticed. It’s a beautiful game as the addition of ray tracing makes it even more attractive.


Images Per Second

For gamers who prefer frame rate performance over graphics, PS5 offers players the ability to play their games at frame rates of up to 120 frames per second. It is enabled in DMC5SE when players enable high frame rate mode.



But not all next-generation updates are visuals. In addition to the long-awaited fast charging made possible by the PS5 new hard drive (really crazy), the hardware now gives us the ability to deliver even more jaw-dropping 3D sound. Just wait until you are in a situation where you surround by many Hellcats. You can determine where everyone concerns the camera based on their screams.


Dual Sense

DMC5SE also takes advantage of the new Dual Sense feature of the Dual Sense Wireless Controller. When you press L2 to increase the Nero value, you can feel the vibrations in the engine and the gas in the back. And thanks to Dual Sense’s enhanced haptic feedback, you’ll experience the same feeling in your hands as Nero and Dante when using DMC’s arsenal of branded weapons.


New Features

  • The game is even better than ever in the final version of this multi-award-winning result.
  • New playable character: Dante’s brother and his rival Virgil
  • Legendary Dark Knight Mode: A challenging horde mode with many enemies.
  • Turbo Mode: makes the game even more intense by playing 1.2 times the speed.
  • Radiation tracking support: This next-generation graphics innovation takes the currently virtually photorealistic world of DMC5 to an unmatched new level of visual elegance.
  • High frame rate mode – experience super soft-action.

These new features and modes leverage the power of PlayStation 5 to bring you the craziest and most stylish Devil May Cry experience ever.


Will Devil May Cry 5 be on PS5?

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Three things, in particular, caught my attention when fans asked about them after the DMC5 announcement.


Turbo Mode

The way to improve the playability of the DMC5SE is to play at 1.2 times the speed. This mode has been a popular addition to DMC since DMC3SE – it takes DMC’s already fast and elegant action and makes it even better. Itsuno-san and the developers were partially influenced by Street Fighter 2 Turbo, a funny story.

The team first implemented Turbo Mode by programming DMC3 to work on PAL TVs with a lower refresh rate (which updates to 50 Hz) than their NTSC cousins (which operate at 60 Hz). During development, we have already tried to increase the speed 1.3 times! However, we have found that 1.2x provides the perfect balance between speed and controllability.


Difficulty Level Legendary Dark Knight

It is a level of difficulty where each encounter gives enemies several times a tough time concerning the others, creates all kinds of chaos on the screen, and fits perfectly in all the large, elegant grips that Nero, Dante, and V perform as they’re obliterating demons. It is only possible with this graphics quality, thanks to the performance and memory enhancements offered by the PS5.


Devil May Cry 5 Vergil

When DMC5 was announced in 2018, the most consistent request from players was for a playable Virgil. In DMC4, Vergil received an upgrade with Focus Meter, which reflects his calm and deadly nature. For DMC5SE, we have added some interesting twists to the game, and the focus indicator returning. And if you have DMC5 on PS4, stay tuned. The playable character: Vergil Paid DLC, will be available later.



Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is the final version of an excellent action title. Devil May Cry 5 release date is March 8, 2019. When it comes to games, we would even say that Virgil is one of the best-designed characters the genre has ever seen, and the inclusion of him alone is enough to make us shine from ear to ear. Devil May Cry 5 is always a joy to play and is still one of the best action games ever played on PlayStation.