Design Home Game Review – Home Renovation Tips

Updated: July 1, 2021

Design Home is a game available in the App Store that lets you design rooms with virtual furniture from more than fifty well-known furniture brands such as Pottery Barn, Serena & Lily, and Tommy Bahamas. Read Design Home Game Review to understand how the game works and how you can beat the levels without spending real money.


The game is played by completing “challenges.” One challenge is to place furniture in a room. It differs from many other interior design games in that it does not allow you to choose the colors of the walls, etc. These are usually rooms in a house, but sometimes in a TV studio or a hotel lobby. Players select and place necessary furniture and decorations in the specified rooms.

The outcome of the challenge is determined by the other players who agree on the design. If players receive four or more stars, they earn virtual furniture for future challenges.

Players complete the game by reaching particular dollar values ​​for the cost of decor. For example, if a player has invested $20,000 in Room Challenges furniture, he goes to level 2. If he spends $50,000, he goes to level 3 and so on. Each time a player reaches a new level, there are more accessories, such as pictures and plants, available, and they get a variety of items that they can use for free.


Dollars, Diamonds, and Keys

You can see how many dollars and diamonds you have at the top of the screen. The main preview is at the top left, and the starting points are at the top right.

The dollar uses to buy furniture. It pays to the player when he participates in an event. Most events pay $500, and the Daily Challenge event pays $2,500. Some special series events pay $1,000.

Diamonds need to buy accessories such as pictures and plants. Some furniture, such as those given as prices, cannot be purchased in cash. Diamonds are harder to find than silver, so use them wisely. The game gave you 500 diamonds per day, and you can earn 125 bonus diamonds when you get five stars in a challenge. In addition to cash, some special events also offer diamonds as prizes.

Keys are required to attend an event, which is their sole function. Most events cost 25 keys. The daily stage costs only 20 keys. You can earn the keys in two ways: collect the 20 assigned keys each day and vote on challenges. You can also participate in events with diamonds. The maximum number of keys you can have is 75. After that, they do not accumulate until you use them to attend an event.


Buy The Item

Once you have purchased an item, you can only use it five times before repurchasing it. It’s very frustrating at first, but you get used to it. You can see how many items are left in your warehouse by looking at the number in the small green bubble at the top right of each item.

All award-winning furniture must be purchased new with diamonds. Therefore, it is crucial to check this carefully before buying anything new. There are more and more rugs that need diamonds to buy. But if you keep rolling down, you will find many rugs that purchase in dollars.


Tips for Success Without Spending Real Money

Collect Day Rewards and Diamonds

It is the simplest. Even if you do not participate in a challenge, open the game every day, click on the small head and shoulder icon at the bottom right of the screen and collect your daily reward. There are 500 diamonds and 20 keys.

Diamonds are invaluable because you need them to buy decorative items like paintings and vases. It is also the only way to earn diamonds other than to buy all five stars to participate in a very tricky event or participate in a challenge where diamonds pay.


Participate in the Daily Challenge

It’s a daily challenge that gives you $ 2,500 to participate. The entrance costs only 20 keys, and there are no special furnishing requirements. Yes, it will tell you if you need a sofa, bed, etc., but it does not have specific brand or style requirements like many other challenges.

It is by far the easiest way to start raising money. If you do not do anything else, you can attend this event every day. When you win more prizes, you will participate in other stages.



Frequently Asked Questions


How to Participate in Challenges?

To participate in a challenge, you must place the necessary furniture. Click on the colored bubbles to do this. By clicking on a bubble, you will discover the choice of the item you own, and below the items you can buy. Blue circles are required; purple (plants, pictures, vases, etc.) is optional.

You can only participate in an event if all objects place in blue bubbles. You cannot choose where to put things, only what items to use. For example, most challenges have limits, “Three green elements” or “A ceramic clay table.” The only challenge without specific instructions is the daily challenge, in which players cannot participate.


How do I Win a Challenge?

Players must choose their favorite between two models by playing the game. If enough voters choose your participation, you will receive four stars to win the prize. If your style is popular enough to earn five stars, you win the bonus prize of 125 diamonds.