Cooking Fever Review – Improve Your Time Management Skills

Updated: November 3, 2021

People play for fun and relaxation. For this reason, many people look at reviews before playing a game to understand the benefits of a game. If this is your first time playing the Cooking Fever game, you probably should read this Cooking Fever Game Review.

In this cooking game app, the player must run many restaurants and prepare food, drinks, and more. Then they also have to serve food and drink to their customers and make money. Follow along with our cooking fever app review to polish your cooking skills.


Cooking Fever offers hours of fun. The game has three locations, each with different numbers of restaurants. You must earn experience points and upgrade your character to access and unlock these restaurants. But be careful not to get the fun you are looking for if you only play a few hours a week. Instead, spend more time playing, and your efforts will pay off.

Cooking Fever Gameplay


Cooking Fever Activities

Prepare delicious desserts and good fast food, run an oyster bar and restaurant. Practice your skills in a variety of cooking contexts and techniques. Use hundreds of products to make hundreds of delicious dishes. Try all types of kitchen utensils, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn machines.

Decorate your restaurants to attract more customers. Make your gifts, such as cakes or muffins, to make the customer experience more personal and memorable, just like in real life. Finally, upgrade your kitchen and produce a more extensive selection of dishes. The mechanics of this game were fun and easy to improve, although it is still tough despite many pearl rewards.


Improve Your Time Management Skills

Games are not necessarily just for fun. Over the years, games have evolved and require critical thinking, agility, decision-making, and other skills. When it comes to cooking, time skills are a must. So be prepared to test your skills in time control.

Cook tasty food and sweets from around the world in this free enjoyable time management game.


Game Features

  • More than 1000 dishes to cook with 250 ingredients
  • 27 unique places: Fast food, Bakery, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Indian food, Breakfast Cafe, Sushi Bar, Ice cream shop, Paradise Cocktail Bar, Corn Dog Van, Mexican cafe, Crab house, Sports bar, Waffles Sunset, Smoked Grill, Italian buffet, salad bar, Aloha Bistro, Hell’s Kitchen
  • There are more than 1000 levels to complete
  • Hundreds and hundreds of upgrades for kitchen appliances and interiors
  • Over 350 challenge levels to test your cooking skills


Cooking Fever Game Modes

Cooking Fever Game currently offers three different game modes. The first location is City with 11 restaurants, the second location is Paradise Island with nine restaurants, and the third location is Alpine Mountains with ten restaurants. The fast-food machine is available when you start the game, and more restaurants are available when you increase the XP levels.

Each restaurant has 40 levels to play, and a minimum score is required to pass and be promoted to the next level. In-app purchases are also available. If the player desires, you can spend real money on extra coins and gems instead of earning them by playing.



How to Get Coins and Diamonds

In this game, it is easy to make coins, but on the other hand, it is a little bit difficult to make diamonds. So you can get frustrated only when you only have a few restaurants open. Unfortunately, after entering this game, many loopholes through which many coins and pearls are earned. From now on, however, the developers have solved most of the problems used by hacks.

Now it’s easy to get as many gems as you want, but you have to spend money on them from the Google Play Store. But if that’s not what you want, there are still some hopes or things to focus on to get your fair share of gems.


Steps to Get More Gems in Cooking Fever

  • You must return to the game to receive your welcome bonus for the first seven days, in which case you will receive two gems per day from playing the game.
  • It would help if you played at the casino after receiving your daily income from your restaurants. You can win 15 gems every 12 hours. So you can win 30 gems in one day. But it would help if you had enough pieces to get these 30 gems a day.

Here are some tips or possible points to help you get many gems per day in the Cooking Fever game. 20 to 40 gems or more, which you can easily create with this process and get more, will require an extra effort.

We hope you enjoy this Cooking Fever Review. If you are a beginner, do not be frustrated. All you need to do is play regularly. And follow the steps above to increase the number of women.