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Clash of Clans Review is a top-down strategy game where players gather resources to build their own villages and form an army. Attack goblin camps or plunder other players’ bases, join a clan, and take part in epic wars.


We Present Clash of Clans

Supercell Clash of Clans is a 2D isometric village builder and hybrid strategy with a massive community and steady popularity. Players collect gold, elixir, and dark elixir to build an empire with the ultimate goal of training increasingly powerful troops for attack and raid in single-player games or PVP campaigns.

Defending your kingdom is just as important, and players must then plan with walls, cannons, bombs, and more. Upgrade your mines to increase resource flow and unlock 18 types of warriors and heroes with 4-group troop systems. Finally, join a clan, combine your forces and take the fight to the world rankings and create a name for yourself in PVP.


Clash of Clans Key Features

  • Build your village: Gather resources, create your own civilization, secure your inhabitants with defensive structures and build improvements.
  • Single Player War: Compete against goblin camps to learn game mechanics and get rewards.
  • Intense PVP: Attack villages to other Players steal prey and join a clan to start a massive clan war.
  • Different units: there are more than 18 types of warriors divided into four levels of troops.
  • Tactical use: Choose carefully where to place units on the battlefield. A bad place can spell disaster or sure victory.



Parents should know that Clash of Clans is a strategic action game where both AI characters and actual opponents battle against each other. The application license agreement requires that all players are at least 13 years old. 13-17-year-olds must have a supervisor who accepts the terms but is on the honor system. There are often battles with explosions and screams of defeated soldiers, but there is no graphic violence.

The main component of the game is a multiplayer mode where players can attack other players, villages (and defend their own) but not communicate directly with each other during these attacks, even if it has a chat feature. Globally and within the plan. The Players are in their own villages. Fortifying a village and building an army costs money. The game uses in-app purchases to help players buy coins in the game and level up faster.




This game is about resources. You spend your game money on resources like cannons, protection, and decorations, and then you attack other camps to make money you spend to get more resources. The combination of AI enemies and the ability to battle true friends and enemies is what makes CLASH OF CLANS unique. When real enemies destroy your village, you can see a replay of the battle to follow their tactics and strengthen your defenses for the next attack. (It is also worth noting that even if your village is destroyed in battle, all the main buildings will remain intact from your point of view, even if you have to reassemble the traps).



Clash Of Clans Review: Talk to Your Kids

  • Encourage teens to play real strategy games like chess.
  • If teens fail at a task, let them think and see how they can get better next time.



Clash of Clans review does not make drastic changes to the strategy formula. But it does provide enough improvements to bring back the addictive elements of the genre. Players are on a known conveyor belt and build a base and attack others. By introducing the multiplayer element and able to see exactly how your defense has been defeated (matches take place regardless of the game), you can learn from your mistakes. And the players who do not want to be caught in matches between two players it’s a robust single-player campaign.

The game gives players enough resources to get started but to really build a power pack. They have to rely on in-app purchases at some point (or have a lot of luck in battles). This free app has also been one of the most successful, that’s why many users buy pearls for real money. However, the squad is your frustration. (They search a building and do not seem to know they are being shot). Also, the time it takes to complete buildings and upgrades can be frustrating. Overall, though, it’s a great option for fans of the strategy.


Is Clash of Clans a waste of time?

No, it’s not a waste of time. People love playing Clash of Clans. Playing war is great fun. To develop a 3-star strategy per base, discuss the game with clan members, find new updates in COC, and set up new troops.

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