Candy Crush Saga Review – Increase the New Level

Updated: July 1, 2021

Candy Crush Saga is a free match-three video game. In the game, players complete levels by swapping pieces of colored candy on a game board to get a combination of three or more of the same color.

These candies will be removed from the board and replaced with new ones to create more hits. Varieties of four or more sweets make unique candies that act as bonuses with an increased ability to delete maps.

The board has different goals that, for example, must be achieved in a certain number of moves or within a limited time frame, such as a specific point or collecting a certain amount of candy.

If you have just entered the universe of Candy Crush Saga and want to know if the game is essential for downloading. This Candy Crush Saga Review is everything you need to know.

Candy Crush Saga is Worth It

It considers one of the oldest and most successful uses of a freemium model. Candy Crush plays by 93 million people a day, and players who buy new lives and boosters earn about $800,000 every day to help them move on. In total, 500 million people have downloaded the free app. You will know everything in Candy Crush Saga Review today.



Candy Crush Saga is an incredibly successful casual puzzle that has led to two spin-off games and numerous copies. It is straightforward. However, you can win every level by reaching your goal, limiting the number of hits you can land.

Many of the first levels are all you need to get a specific number of points, but as the game progress, you must have other objectives, such as removing all jelly. You earn points by smashing candy, that is, adjusting a minimum of three in a row of a similar type of candy. The more candy you remove, the higher your grades.


How to Remove Jelly and Other Obstacles?

Removing jelly and other clogs is as easy as crushing candy where jelly or obstacles rest. Unfortunately, some blocks later in the game must be destroyed more than once to remove them. Continue reading Candy Crush Saga Review; you will learn more about this game.


Special Candies

Combining four or more candies gives you a special candy that you can then connect with other sweets of the same type to activate special abilities so that you can get several candies at the same time. Even if they are of a different kind, you can even assign two special candies to trigger multiple effects at once. It is generally wise to do this to earn points faster.



If you fail to complete a goal on a level, you will lose a life. Therefore, you start with five lives, and each time you lose one, it takes 30 minutes to fill.

You cannot continue playing when you are dead until you have restored at least one life. You can also fill your life by using gold, which you have to buy with real money.


Level Types

There are six different types of levels:

  • Moves: Get several points in a specific movement. From 1153 onwards, Sugar Crush starts automatically as soon as the target of one star is reached. The remaining movement is transformed into striped candies and activated with ingredients, candy order, and mix levels.
  • Jelly: Remove all jelly from the board. Jellyfish appear on the screen, eating the candies at random for each remaining move. And giving you more points.
  • Ingredients: Take all the ingredients to points of sale.
  • Candy Order: Collect all orders by collecting the items you want.
  • Mixed Mode: A mixture of two types of levels
  • Rainbow Rapids: Clear the way to collect rainbow candy.



It’s a premium currency in Candy Crush Saga, gold. You can purchase gold with real money in the Candy Store, the in-app store.



Candy Crush Saga is strategy and luck. Each level generates randomly. Even if you play at the same level in a row, you get different results.



Dreamworld was a separate world from the main game and contained levels 1-665 in 45 episodes of Dreamworld. Each episode also has 15 levels except Sleepy Slopes and Funky Factory, which only have 10, but Dreamworld is totally out of the game.



Reason to Increase the New Level in Candy Crush

  • As we know, Candy Crush is not an endless game. When everyone has Candy Crush complete, you have a certain level, and the Royal Society can take losses.
  • All gaming companies want more and more people to play their games. As more and more people join Candy Crush, Candy Crush can lose its very active player, and in general, people become active players in a game when they become experts.
  • If the Candy Crush player completes the entire game, it will also affect its popularity, taking it as a single game.
  • It is the most popular and profitable game from Kings Company.