Can I Use Xbox Controller on PS5?

Many gamers are curious about the compatibility between the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, especially regarding controllers. Can you use an Xbox controller on PS5?

While connecting an Xbox controller directly to a PS5 through the console’s menus is impossible, workarounds and adapters allow you to use your Xbox controller on your PS5. Let’s delve into the details.

Official Compatibility: Limited but Evolving

Sony’s official stance is that only PlayStation controllers are officially supported on the PS5. This means you won’t be able to connect your Xbox controller directly through the console’s menus and enjoy seamless gameplay.

However, there are hints that things might change in the future. Sony has expressed an interest in opening up the PS5 to more controller compatibility, potentially including Xbox controllers. So, while you can’t use your Xbox controller now, there’s a chance that future software updates might change things.

Workarounds and Adapters: Unlocking the Potential

Even without official support, there are ways to use your Xbox controller on your PS5. Here are two popular methods:

1. Wired Connection:

You can connect your Xbox controller to your PS5 using a wired USB cable. This is a simple and reliable option, but it restricts your movement due to the cable length.

2. Wireless Adapters:

Several third-party adapters allow you to connect your Xbox controller to your PS5 wirelessly. These adapters typically use Bluetooth technology and offer various features like button mapping and macro programming.

When choosing an adapter, it’s important to research compatibility and user reviews to ensure you get a reliable product that meets your needs.

Workarounds and Adapters Unlocking the Potential

Advantages and Disadvantages: Weighing the Options

Using an Xbox controller on PS5 has both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Familiarity: If you’re already comfortable with the Xbox controller layout, using it on PS5 can provide a smoother transition and reduce the learning curve.
  • Ergonomics: Some gamers find the Xbox controller more ergonomic than the PS5 controller, especially for extended gameplay sessions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: If you already have an Xbox controller, using it on PS5 can save you money compared to purchasing a new PS5 controller.


  • Limited functionality: Not all features of the Xbox controller might work on PS5, such as the touchpad or the light bar.
  • Latency issues: Wireless adapters can sometimes introduce input lag, which can be detrimental in fast-paced games.
  • Compatibility concerns: Not all adapters are compatible with all Xbox controller or PS5 firmware versions.

Making an Informed Decision: The Final Verdict

Whether or not to use an Xbox controller on PS5 depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re comfortable with the PS5 controller and don’t mind purchasing one, that might be the simplest solution.

However, if you prefer the Xbox controller layout, already own one, or are looking for a cheaper alternative, an adapter can be a viable option. Just be sure to research compatibility and choose a reputable adapter to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Using an Xbox Controller on PS5

Q: What are the recommended adapters for connecting an Xbox controller to a PS5?

A: Several adapters are available, but some popular options include:

  • 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter 2: This adapter is known for its reliability, low latency, and ease of use.
  • Cronus Zen: This advanced adapter offers extensive customization options, including button mapping, macro programming, and scripts.
  • Mayflash Magic-NS: This adapter is a budget-friendly option that supports both Xbox and Nintendo Switch controllers on PS5.

Q: Will using an adapter affect the performance of my Xbox controller?

A: Some adapters, especially wireless ones, can introduce input lag, which might be noticeable in fast-paced games. However, reputable adapters typically have minimal latency and shouldn’t significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Q: Will all features of the Xbox controller work on PS5?

A: Not all features might work, depending on your adapter. For example, the touchpad and light bar on the Xbox controller might not be functional on PS5.

Q: Is it safe to use an adapter with my PS5?

A: If you choose a reputable adapter and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, it should be safe to use with your PS5. However, it’s important to note that using unauthorized adapters may void your PS5 warranty.

Q: Will Sony ever officially support the Xbox controller on PS5?

A: While there’s no official confirmation from Sony, they have expressed interest in opening the PS5 to more controller options. So, official Xbox controller support might be available in a future software update.

Q: What are some alternatives to using an Xbox controller on PS5?

A: You can purchase a PlayStation-licensed controller from a third-party brand, which might offer a similar feel to the Xbox controller but fully compatible with PS5 features. Additionally, you can explore using remote play options like the PS Remote App to play your PS5 games on other devices, including your phone or PC.

Remember, the best approach depends on your individual preferences and needs. Research, compare options, and choose the best gaming style and budget solution.