Camera Adaptor PS5 Review | How to Get a Free PSVR Adapter

Updated: July 5, 2021

If you have managed to get a PlayStation 5 and want to play VR games, you can take a few more steps. Most PS4 games, like PS VR titles, are backward compatible with the PS5. However, there are still gaps in the console to console compatibility method. It includes the most crucial element of the virtual reality experience: the equipment.

The new HD camera for PS5 does not support the PSVR experience. That’s why you need the PS VR headset, the PlayStation camera designed for PS4, and a PlayStation camera adapter. Read this Camera Adaptor PS5 Review.

The first two you should already have. Fortunately for PS5 console owners, Sony is offering the adapter for free. However, if you have a PSVR viewer and a PSVR camera and you need the adapter and proof of purchase to Sony. The headset is familiar with the latest device, but a specific adapter is required.

PS4 Camera Adapter for PS5

Sony has listed PS4 accessories that are compatible with the PS5. But, of course, you can also use PSVR on PS5. The PlayStation camera adapter is also one of them. So anyone with a PlayStation camera can still use it on PS5 for backward-compatible PSVR games. However, you will need an adapter to ensure compatibility with the PS5. This adapter is free for anyone with a PSVR headset.


PS5 vs Camera Adapter

Sony has started to include the camera adapter in new PSVR sales devices, but so far only in Japan. When it comes to PSVR 2, Sony has incredibly tight lips. Nevertheless, we found some interesting evidence that the company is still actively working with VR.

The willingness to support PSVR on the next-generation console is a good sign that the company will continue to serve VR customers. Earlier, the company announced that it would not release a new headset next to a new console. So we do not expect the next generation of headsets to be announced before the future.

The adapter is not for the headset itself but for the PlayStation camera equipment needed to track when using the PSVR headset, as the new PS5 HD camera equipment is not compatible with the helmet.

Also, everything should work, which means you should connect the PSVR headset to the PS5 and use the existing PlayStation. Move controls to play all Sony announced earlier this year that there would be two PSVR games, which Sony confirmed earlier this year.

To obtain a free adapter, you must provide the PSVR serial number and basic personal information, including a shipping address, if the camera adapter will be available outside of Japan at any time during November. So far, there are only rumors of a possible sequel to Sony’s headphones that will be fully compatible with the PS5. I hope this Camera Adaptor PS5 Review will help you out.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will, there is a special PS5 Camera?

If you want to buy it, a new PS5 camera is part of PS5 accessories. However, this camera is not compatible with PSVR. So if you don’t like the new streaming features, you should stick to the PS4 camera.

The new DualSense controller has new features for PS5 games, so only the latest PS5 games work with it.

The PS5 is currently available worldwide, although the offer is still minimal, and it isn’t easy to buy one right now. There are also several starting games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls.


How to Get a Free PSVR Adapter?

Sony explained how PlayStation VR owners could purchase a free PlayStation camera adapter to make the VR headset work with the PS5. The first step is to visit Sony’s VR headset support page (models CUH-ZEY1 or CUH-ZEY2) and order the PS4 for the PS5 PlayStation camera adapter.

If you did not know, the PS5’s HD camera is not compatible with the original PSVR. So this is the only current option for those who want to take PSVR to the next generation.

After receiving the PlayStation Camera Adapter, please attach it to the USB Type-A port on the back of the PS5 console and then to the AUX port on the adapter to connect the PlayStation Camera.

To purchase one of these cards, you must enter the PSVR processing unit’s serial number, first and last name, email ID, shipping address, and telephone number. You will find your serial number on the back of the PSVR processing unit. You can use only one Playstation Camera Adaptor per household. All regions must be qualified, but check the support page to be sure.


What is a PS5 Camera Adapter?

The PlayStation Camera Adapter attaches the PS4’s PlayStation Camera to the PS5’s console. The adapter lets players play PlayStation VR games for PS4 on the new console. According to Sony, these include titles that require target controls for PlayStation Move or PlayStation VR.


How to Get a Free PS5 Camera Adapter?

  • Visit the PlayStation Support website.
  • Enter the PS VR serial number. The cables connect to the back of the black processor unit. Depending on the region, the serial number starts with “C,” “M,” or “P.”
  • Finally, enter your personal information such as mailing address, email address, and name.
  • After shipment, Sony will send an email with tracking and confirmation information.

Sony has eventually exposed how and when PSVR owners will get a camera adapter that will enable them to use the PlayStation VR with the PS5. In addition, Sony will provide PSVR owners with a free camera adapter to enable headphone compatibility on PlayStation 5.

Go to the PlayStation Camera Adapter registration page to submit your request to use PSVR with PS5. In addition, you need the serial number of the PSVR processing unit.

The camera adapter requires using of PSVR on PS5 because the PS4 camera requires headphones. But the PS5 console does not have the correct port for the PS4 camera. So, unfortunately, the new PS5 camera does not work.

However, the adapter is free, including shipping, and Sony limits it to one adapter per household. It attaches to the PS5 console’s USB port on the back, while the other end has the PS4 camera port.