call of duty mobile game review

Call of Duty Mobile Game Review

One of the best free mobile shooting games, Call of Duty was first announced in March 2019, published by Activision who said that it would love to make more games in the future that can be played on smartphones. It was primarily designed for mobile phones by keeping in mind users’ ease, so they could enjoy their gaming experience wherever they want to.

It made by Tencent Studio Timi, which has a lot of experience in making online games for mobile phones, including iOS and Android. Most of these are multiplayer online games that were popular and easily accessed through phones.

At present, all modes are player-versus-player (PVP), such as Battle Royale. The publisher has revealed that the game will not be exclusively multiplayer, with extra modes of play to be included in the future. Most of the play is on maps and with characters and tools shown in numerous titles of Call of Duty over the years, like the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series.

The free Call of Duty mobile application is rated 17 and more than that and has warnings for mature content, violence, and abusive language. The game is highly addicting for users and gives numerous in-app purchases as players advance through the matches.


call of duty mobile


If you are into playing action sort of games, you would love to go for this fantastic mobile gaming review. It comes along with excellent graphics, the best voice quality, and text chat features. Experience one of the finest thrilling games of the century and make the most out of your physical energies.


Modes in Call of Duty Mobile

When we talk about this game’s different modes, the gameplay modes are multiplayer, and fans love them specifically. It is up to you to pick among the three types of the match: they are normal, ranked, or private, based on the other players you would like to deal with while playing the game.

Ranked matches will also reward you XP and various other items. The multiplayer gameplay modes so far are Hardpoint, Free-For-All, Frontline, Domination, and Team Deathmatch. All these modes are team-based, with two competing teams consisting of five players, bar Free-For-All which is, as the name states, every player fighting for themselves.

This latter mode lets at least a maximum of eight players in one match. The game has modes played by more than one player and Battle Royale, but other modes and content will be made accessible further down the line.


Map in Call of Duty Mobile Game

If you are looking for some of the most impressive maps, you can access them in the game’s mobile version. So far, there are 12 modes of COD. Some of the leading ones are Crash from the Modern Warfare series, Nuketown from Black Ops, and Hijacked from Black Ops 2. Many others announced in the future. Also, in Modern Warfare, you will be capable of playing Crossfire and Killhouse.


Map in Call of Duty


The reworked Firing Range from Black Ops 4 will also be accessible as well as Standoff from Black Ops 2 are also on the list. All these maps are some of the finest ones, and gamers love them. The COD: Mobile Battle Royale map designed of elements from across more than a single Call of Duty games; taken from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series.



It observed that Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t have a wide variety of customization for this. You won’t be altering the shape of your eyebrows or the pointedness of your chin. It does let you play as some of the best soldiers in Call of Duty history.

There are characters such as John “SoapMacTavish, and DavidSection” Mason, who were the primary characters in the day when story modes were based on multiplayer games. It’s one of the best experiences to see these characters coming back to life again.


Characters in Call of Duty Mobile


People hope that with time they will increase these characters and make necessary modifications. You can learn more about this game from instant gaming reviews in case you need to. This is another best tactic of Activision who has monetized the game, as you can find these characters in the loot boxes.


Perks of Call of Duty Mobile Game

In COD, perks considered abilities that make you do better in different modes and stages of the game. Their role is mostly passive as they work behind the screens and don’t seem to be visible while you are playing the game.

These perks also change your style of play. With the help of these perks you can perform better if you need to do something out of the ordinary or to pass a particular stage then you should know whether or not you need to utilize that perk.



Throughout the game and its different modes, you can check out a wide variety of weapons. These are guns that have modification slots to include better scopes. In the standard version of Call of Duty, there is a huge variation in firearms and their alterations, which keeps over amazingly to Mobile.

There is a section made for grenades. Some of them are good for dealing with harm, others suppression, and you can pick them as you go further into the game. The level of these weapons increases when you also go into the game. This provides you with a considerable edge while you are playing the game, as you can use these weapons to attack your opponent with your favourite gun.




We hope that the above information would be enough for you to get to know about Call of Duty Mobile‘s main features. In case you want to enjoy your gaming experience by playing something fun that also offers you the best quality graphics, sound, and many other perks. You should try out COD if you didn’t play it before.

In the above information, you have read all about this fantastic game. Now it is up to you whether you want to enjoy this entertainment game by channelling your aggression into something positive and joyous or would like to go for something else.

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