Bugsnax PS5 Review

Young Horses, an independent game studio, created the adventure video game named Bugsnax. Players explore a mysterious island and capture the game’s titular half-bug, half-snack creatures. On June 11, 2020, Sony’s PlayStation 5 live-streamed reveal event featured an announcement trailer for the game. Read this Bugsnax PS5 Review.

British indie-pop band Kero Kero Bonito performed the game’s theme song. This theme song was used in the announcement trailer. On November 12, 2020, the game was announced for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.



The game’s goal is to discover, hunt, and capture all 100 different species of bugsnax using a variety of gadgets and bait. You can explore the diverse biomes of snaktooth island to track down and reunite the inhabitants of snaxburg. There is also a miniature field guidebook with the game, full of exciting information about the bugsnax and their habitats.


Game Plot

It is a first-person adventure game. In this game, the players discover Snaktooth Island. They use various contraptions to locate and catch various Bugsnax animals. There are 100 Bugsnax animals to catch. The Bugsnax can be caught and fed to the nearby Grumpuses. They can change their bodies depending on the properties of the Bugsnak they drink.

Players take care of an anonymous newspaper journalist who receives a film strip from Lizbert Megafig, a disgraced adventurer, in the mail one day. Lizbert explains the enigmatic Snaktooth Island, home to Bugsnax, part worm, half snack animals. He invites the journalist to explore the island and film them for the rest of the world to see.



  • Discover all 100 different species of bugsnax
  • Capture all 100 different species of bugsnax
  • Complete all 10 bugnax missions
  • You can catch bugs with a lot of different things. You can use a variety of gadgets and bait to do that.
  • Explore the different places on Snaktooth Island to find Bugsnax.
  • Reunite the inhabitants of snaxburg
  • Lizbert’s band of misfits live on a small island, and they have mysteries. Follow the book to learn about them!
  •  Stuff your new friends with bugsnax so you can change the way they look.



But it developed into a strange amalgamation of all of these disparate game concepts over time. The final game is inspired by Ape Escape, Dark Cloud, and Viva Piata, in addition to Pokémon Snap.

According to review aggregator Metacritic, Bugsnax received generally positive reviews on PlayStation consoles. This game is delightfully new, as we’ve already established in our Bugsnax PlayStation 4 review. Are we capturing sentient snacks and feeding them to your fellow grampuses in a semi-open world adventure game?

It’s a ridiculous idea, but it’s executed beautifully. There are some excellent plot strands underneath the whimsical top sheet. All of this is still valid on PS5, but the next-gen version has the upper hand in terms of technical results.


Frame Rate

The PS5’s extra power comes in handy when it comes to frame rate. It isn’t a game that needs to run at 60 frames per second, but it’s a good bonus that looks a lot smoother than the PS4’s slightly choppy results.




We should thank the authors and the practical conversations for a significant part of this. It’s quick to ignore as a gimmick-filled children’s game with little to tell at first sight. That couldn’t be further from the reality.

There are scenes for people of all ages here, just as in Pixar movies. There are sad times and serious topics, and more overarching concerns such as climate change.

On the other hand, never feel forced or oppressive. They all represent the story and its characters in incredibly positive ways. There are scenes for people of all ages here, just as in Pixar movies.



The writer and voice actors are excellent. It is hard for games to make me care about the people in them, but Bugsnax succeeded. It just seemed so natural and comfortable when it was in the game.

The mystery and horror aspects of this book were unexpected. I will enjoy talking about them with my friends for a long time.


How to capture?

“But,” you say, how do you capture Bugsnax? Oh, if it were just that simple. Bugsnax comes in over a hundred different species. They caught him in several ways. The first thing you can do is check by looking into your shutter—secondly, press R2 to take a picture of a ‘Snak.

The DualSense and its adaptive triggers wonderfully mimic the clack of a camera’s shutter. That’s an incredibly satisfying button push. The comparisons to Pokemon Snap are evident, but Bugsnax transforms into its creature after that.

Overall, catching Bugsnax is based on a half-dozen different mechanics that you’ll have to use in various ways. It is just about enough variety to prevent the missions from being monotonous. By the time I got to the novel’s end, I must confess that I was sick of the gameplay loop.



It is a fun game on every computer, but it shines on the PS5. It benefits from Dual Sense’s unique features, including shorter loading sequences, better performance, and unique features. All of this leads to a more relaxing trip to Snaktooth Island. If you’re going to play Bugsnax at all, you can do it on PS5.

It is a light-hearted puzzle adventure with a fascinating plot and characters that I truly enjoyed until the very end. Despite some simplistic mechanics, the laughs much overshadowed the groans, and I became remarkably involved in the island’s and its inhabitants’ activities.

For over 100 Bugsnax to find and grab, there’s enough to keep completionists amused, as well as those searching for a well-crafted six-hour mystery that will keep you waiting until the end. While making you feel intensely close to the characters, something you might have previously felt was unlikely. That is before you saw a carrot crawl.