Bubble Shooter Game Review – How does Bubble Shooter Work

Updated: October 12, 2021

Bubble Shooter is an addictive puzzle game with bubble shooters for Android. So the aim, shoot and blast your way through this cute bubble shooter game adventure.

Shoot and match three or more bubbles in this delicious game for a sweet feeling of victory. Then, blast and explode with quick-thinking and clever tactics to advance to the next challenging level and be rewarded with mighty boosters. Also, in this bubble shooter game review, you can boost your skills.

Goals For The Game

By forming groups of three or more balls of the same color, the Game’s Goal is to clear the playing field. The game ends when the balls reach the bottom row of the screen. A player wins when there are no more balls on the court.

There are four levels of difficulty: Easy Ride, Beginner, Expert, Master. Two classification modes: classic, sniper. Also, the classic model suggests a slow game with no time limits or moves. The goal of the sniper mode is to clear the playing field with minimal hits.


There are two game modes:

  1. Strategy: line limitation
  2. Deadline for arcade


Bubble Shooter Features

  • Infinitely fun with thousands of unique levels.
  • Match 3 bubbles of the same color and use combinations to Pop bubbles.
  • Easy to play and enjoy, but challenging to master.
  • Its adorable graphics will capture you.
  • Play anytime, anywhere. No WIFI connection is required!


What Parents Must Know?

Parents should know that Bubble Shooter Pro is a smart move for the bubble puzzle and match 3 genres. Include the regular Bubble Game and another more unusual way to play the game. Kids need to know their colors and some basic instructions to play this game, but young children can get frustrated because it’s easy to play.

However, you will lose if you do not plan the bubble shot carefully. The game will also be challenging for anyone who has trouble recognizing colors. Keep reading Bubble Shooter Game Review so you will know more about it.



Bubble Shooter is a free iOS game where players strive for high scores to win cash prizes. The Goal of Bubble Shooter is to pop as many bubbles as possible to collect more points than your opponent.

Bubble shooter! The tournament is organized by LLYON Dynamics Ltd, developed and powered by SKILLZ, a competitive gaming platform. However, with SKILLZ, apps can offer leader boards, trophies, cash or virtual currency prizes, and loyalty programs.


Tournament Workout

Once you have downloaded the app and set it up with an avatar and a username, the tournament will connect you to players from all over the world for your ability to make the competition fun and fair. Therefore, each multi-player app takes up to three minutes and can disturb you faster if you run out of trains.

The game’s primary goal is that your bubble on the board strategically removes the lines. If you create a sequence with three or more bubbles of the same color, they will appear. When you finish the color, it no longer appears.

The game rewards you with Tickets. The game invites you to spend real money to “go up” with the chance to win bigger prizes.



Frequently Asked Questions


You can make money. Is it legal?

Bubble shooter! Tournaments average 4.4 out of 5.0 stars in the iTunes App Store and rank 179 in the Puzzle category.

A reviewer from October 2018 said he won over $1,300 in prizes but lost them due to the Deterioration of the Phone. Your 5-star rating found that you earned $25 in 20 minutes by downloading the app again.

While most of Bubble Shooter! The tournament rating is 5 stars, negative. Ratings cite cash withdrawal deadlines of up to five weeks as they could not have played the game, various issues, and disappointments with updates application day associated with bladder problems.


Is Bubble Shooter available to everyone?

The application is available for players over 18 years. Paid tournaments are only available in select countries through the iTunes App Store. Players from countries that do not allow cash prize tournaments can continue playing with the “Z” virtual currency. Also, players can choose from English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, or Japanese.


Is this app worth your time?

As with other fast-paced games where the goal is clear, however, the Lines Bubble Shooter can be fun for many people. That is, the “addictive” quality can be good or bad for your life, depending on the situation and perspective. Finally, people who want to waste time on their mobile devices to make money will try this game.