Boggle With Friends Review – Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Boggle with Friends is a word game developed by Zynga for iOS and Android and released in January 2012. Players try to find as many words as possible in a tangled 4×4 letter grid by connecting adjacent letters in word frames in two minutes, but with additional features and a different classification system.

Word forms are vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Scramble with Friends is one of the best games in the iOS App Store and is available as a paid version for free and without ads. Read this Boggle with Friends Review.

Good Game for Everyone

Give the family game night fun with the Game Boggle with Friends. This new version of the classic Hasbro board game is full of fun new modes, daily challenges, and confusing twists. Challenge friends, family, or new opponents to spell most words before the time runs out in two minutes.

Do you want to improve your word search? Practice alone against the coach to test your word skills in a three-round match. Do you have a competition series? Therefore, compete in lightning-fast live individual tournaments to showcase your puzzle-solving skills and get rewards along the way.

Join and download Boggle with Friends.


Start a Game

Boggle with Friends is available in Nine Languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, and English. Select your language and start a game. 

Challenge an opponent in three fun rounds to see who can find the most words, get the most points, and win.


Boggle Word Game Online

Finding the English words hidden in the scattered letters is a simple and enjoyable online puzzle game. This online boggle Game is similar to a crossword puzzle, but it’s even simple and amazing to play. The puzzle will expand your knowledge of English and help children and even the elderly find and learn new English words.


Play Offline

Play anytime, anywhere, even offline 24 hours a day.



Players can play in one of four modes:

  1. Head to Head (against a friend)
  2. Daily Challenge
  3. Tournaments (against various other real-time competitors)
  4. Single-Player Mode

Every Game comprises three rounds played in a series. However, the winner is the highest total score in all three rounds. In the second round, double multipliers for letters and words are inserted in the third round triple multipliers. The point system benefits both longer words and words with less common letters.


Daily and Weekly Challenges

The new challenges are updated daily and weekly. Get daily bonuses with prizes and bonuses. Play every day for better rewards.


Single-Player Mode

Test and improve your word information in single-player mode. Also, Challenge yourself against the coach in three rounds, which becomes more difficult as you progress.


Live Tournament Competition

Compete against your friends, family, and new opponents in live tournaments and take quick turns with many bonus chips.



There are four power-ups that players can use: “Freeze” gives the player a few seconds extra time, “Inspiration” highlights the words the player needs to play, and “Scramble” spins the board around the player. To give it a new perspective and a “vision,” they give the player three words to find, and when all the words are found, it provides the player with a time bonus.

A token system works; Players must pay one token per turn and another take if they want to use two buffs in one turn instead of one. A new token earns every 20 minutes (regardless of whether the application is open or not). Additional tokens are purchased, and the paid version without ads offer a faster token revenue ratio (1 token every 10 minutes).


Difference between Boggle and Word Streak

In 2017, Zynga legalized licensed Boggle and launched Boggle with Friends. Also, Boggle with Friends offers the same game with new features and enhancements and shares the database with games like Word Streak with Friends. Also, with Scramble with Friends (one player can start a game in one application and complete it in the other). The main differences between the two are the names, the graphics, the color combinations, and Boggle with Friends is getting new updates.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I Log in to the Game?

Players can log in via Facebook and invite friends to play. Search for opponents by username or match with random users. Also, there is a built-in chat feature that allows you to chat with opponents. In June 2015, the Game was renamed Word Streak with Friends as part of a big update.


How Do I Play Boggle Online for Free?

  • Click the Start button to play Boggle online for free. Choose between 4×4 and 5×5.
  • You can see a series of letters, with each cell containing a letter.
  • The Game consists of finding hidden words of at least four letters or more among the scattered letters.
  • Click on any field and then on adjacent fields to create words.
  • If you think you have found a word, click the End of word button to confirm that the string is correct.
  • When you have created a meaningful word, you get 1 point for four letters and 2 points for a word of five letters.
  • If the letters you choose do not make a meaningful word, you will also receive a negative score.