Best PUBG Mobile Accessories for Pros

PUBG Mobile is still one of the world’s best mobile games. Even though the game faces difficulties in India due to the recent ban on 118 Chinese apps, it attracts a massive audience worldwide.

Moreover, it is a large community of professionally organized tournaments, making it one of the biggest sports titles in recent times.

If you are a good player or new to the game and want to test your skills, we have listed some highly recommended PUBG best accessories you can try.

PUBG gadgets are the best to use. We are writing this article to tell you about the Best PUBG Mobile Accessories you can use for your PUBG mobile gaming tools.

Best PUBG Mobile Accessories

PUBG Mobile Controllers

Let’s crush the bladder before we continue. Not all PUBG Mobile supports Bluetooth controls on Android or iOS. There is an app that was recently introduced called the Mantis Gamepad app. 

Tools for PUBG mobile are designed to protect you from bans and have good compatibility with almost all Android games.

You might even try using a machine simulator. This way, you can easily map all the controls with the emulator.

But, of course, it only matches other players who also use an emulator and not those who play on the touch screen.


PUBG Mobile Triggers

Now there is another popular smartphone accessory that uses to enhance your game. Shutter buttons and accessories connect to the phone to provide physical buttons for 2-4 functions.

Connect the triggers to your phone and then adjust the controls in the game settings to match the location of each stimulus.

These triggers only need to touch the phone’s screen but add physical buttons on the shoulder for a more intuitive experience. These are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We recommend the COOBILE Gaming Grip, which has two triggers mounted on a chassis that resembles a gamepad.

It includes a built-in fan to keep the phone cool, and you can also charge it with the built-in 4000mah battery. If you do not want to add much volume to your smartphone, try standalone triggers from IFYOO or Propman.

These triggers can attach as side buttons for your smartphone; it is one of the best PUBG Mobile accessories.

PUBG Mobile Gloves

Sweating hands that affect your performance? Then it would help if you had some finger sleeves.

They may look and sound stupid, but they are very effective. They are perfect for players who use a three- and four-finger grip, as they improve sensitivity and performance.

Our recommendation is ClawSocks from Mobile Gaming Corps. These are delivered with six sleeves and have 100% silver wire for maximum conductivity.

They also help overcome moisture, sweat, dirt, and grease. For a cheaper alternative, go to the Newseego mobile game shell. These come in a similar six-sleeve set with a slightly smaller premium finish.

Touch Screen Game Controls

Finally, you have some touchscreen pads you like and dislike, but you must try them. They are connected to your smartphone’s touch screen, and the plastic button at the top rotates like a joystick on a controller.

The only downside is that you cannot always leave them on because they cover parts of the screen. So you have to go with them whenever you want to play PUBG.

Some come with reusable materials, such as the Vakili Mobile Game Joystick. The company can repair any mobile phone or tablet, has a high insertion capacity, and does not scratch the touch screen.

You should also be aware that this joystick is only helpful in controlling the steering. So make sure you have the sprint button activated.

PUBG Accessories Mobile Support

Sometimes all you need is a grip or holder for your smartphone for better control when playing PUBG.

The Sanchi Universal PUBG gadgets for mobile support smartphones from 13 cm to 16 cm and have corresponding spaces for connecting chargers or headphones.

The handle also has a bracket on the back, so you can place it on a desk while watching the contents.

The Anker PowerCore Play 6K is a good product, a standard smartphone holder with a handle at the bottom.

It can also use as a power bank, as it has a built-in 6700 mAh battery that you can use to charge your phone. It also includes a fan to maintain your device cool while gaming for long periods. According to the product list, you can use smartphones with screens from 5.7 “to 6.45”.

Most of these accessories are designed to enhance your game. However, some of them may have a learning curve.

So, before purchasing any suggested goods, ensure you understand your requirements.

The game is utterly unavailable in India after being banned by the government due to its Chinese ownership.

PUBG Corp. has removed all rights and data from the game and will return with a new identity soon.

In addition, the company recently announced a new PUBG title for phones called PUBG: New State. However, pre-registration for the app is unavailable in India, China, and Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which device is best for PUBG?

The top 4 mobile phones can play PUBG Mobile and Get Chicken Dinner like a PRO!

  • ASUS ROG Phone 3
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • OnePlus 9 Pro

Which is the best PUBG trigger?

  • RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger
  • ReTrack Metal Trigger
  • Anwesha’s Premium Quality PUBG Controller
  • Buy Surety PUBG Trigger Fire Button

Who is the Number 1 player in PUBG?

Levinho is a famous & PRO player of PUBG Mobile.

Can you get banned for using a controller on PUBG mobile?

Obviously No!