Best PS5 Accessories – Everything you Need to Get Started with Games

The best PS5 accessories are a must if you are lucky enough to own a PS5 console. The console is a fantastic and fun set, but a few different external devices can give a massive boost to your gaming experience.

Your console already has everything you need to get started with Sony’s next-generation games, whether you’re a fan of Astro’s playroom or Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

However, the PS5 hardware only has scratches on the surface of the options. It’s a good hardware upgrade.

But if you want the best console experience, you must open your wallet for a few extras, especially when we constantly have new games. Read this best PS5 accessories review.

Our list of the best PS5 accessories shows the line between controllers, cameras, and external storage you want to use.

Not many are available yet, but we have carefully selected everything you can buy to enjoy the perfect gaming and multimedia experience. Does PS5 come with PS5 accessories?

Note that few external devices during the PS5’s childhood, as with something like the PS4.

However, many licensed accessories will continue to work on both consoles, including flight controls, steering wheel, and Dual Shock 4 controls, but only for PS4 games.

Best PS5 Accessories to Buy

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is integral to the PS5 experience and enhances the previous DualShock 4 model in almost every way.

DualSense uses haptic feedback to deliver physical experiences that match what you do in the Game, with two actuators instead of rumbling engines.

These can simulate various actions and feel unique to the DualShock 4. The controller’s adaptive triggers also provide different voltage levels when pressed. It can feel like pulling a rope or firing a powerful weapon.

There is also a built-in microphone, headphone jack, and a grippy texture that should feel good on both hands.

While you immediately get a DualSense when you buy a PS5. It’s always nice to have extra controls available for multiplayer games.

PlayStation 5 HD Camera

If you plan to stream to Twitch or YouTube directly from PS5, this PS5 HD camera is necessary.

This more powerful camera has a better built-in best PS5 stand that makes it look like the PlayStation 5, with the same monochrome colour scheme and a set of tools that make it instantly compatible with the system as a streaming device.

It comes with special background removal tools to ensure you can trim your surroundings even when streaming.

You can also send a picture-in-picture with your Game or cut out or replace the background. It is the best camera that potential streamers can add to the PS5 arsenal, making it easy to set up game sharing.

Pulse 3D Wireless Headphones

Headphones can be a staple for any gaming installation, and PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headphones look like Sony’s best to date.

It is the official Sony PlayStation headset designed for the 3D audio features of PlayStation 5. Like the rest of the first generation of upcoming PS5 accessories, it looks like the current system.

It is designed for long gaming sessions and has noise-cancelling hidden microphones.

You can adjust the audio and chat settings directly via the headphones and use these attractive headphones with the rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours wirelessly.

You and even transfer them to your PS4 if you need a headset which is also crucial for this system. It can even be used with PSVR if you want.

DualSense Charging Station

The DualSense controller’s battery lasts as long as possible, but it’s always nice to have one way to charge another as a backup.

With the DualSense charging station, you can simultaneously charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers without connecting them to PlayStation 5.

It allows you to share the best table for PS5 and keep the controls secure in one place. When you run out of battery in one controller, put it in the dock, listen for the click to see if it fits appropriately, and then take the other controller to get a newly charged controller is much faster.

It’s also the best option for families needing multiple controls simultaneously for multiplayer sessions.

PS5 Multimedia Remote Control

PlayStation 5 can be more than just a gaming console, making the multimedia remote control an invaluable accessory.

This small streaming remote control has built-in play and pauses buttons, fast forward and rewind, and dedicated streaming service buttons for Netflix, Spotify, Disney +, and YouTube.

It is small, stylish, and fits your console like all other Sony PS5 accessories.

You can also use it to turn on the PS5 and navigate menus without connecting a controller. So you can instantly enjoy your favourite shows, movies, or music.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P Wireless

For those who prefer to buy a headset other than Sony’s Pulse 3D wireless headphones, SteelSeries offers a great alternative to the Arctis 7P wireless gaming headphones for PlayStation.

This headset is designed for PS5 and is compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

It offers 2.4 GHz lossless wireless audio that provides low latency sound while playing. Also, it has a Discord-certified two-way ClearCast microphone so that all communication via the headphones is as clear as possible.

They also have 24-hour battery life. So you can stay up to date from one gaming session to another. With an attractive form factor, these headphones look great with the PlayStation 5.

WD 4TB Game Drive

While Sony has discovered that you cannot move the best PS5 games to an external hard drive, WD 4TB Game Drive lets you save all the PS4 games you want to use instead. What PS4 accessories will work on PS5?

Downloadable games are pretty big on PS5. So it makes sense to have extra space to store PS4 titles.

Compact supports USB 3.0, and you can also use it with PS4, depending on what you need to save for games or to store content.

How to Choose the Best PS5 Accessory for You?

With the PS5 in its infancy, there is little to choose from now. However, you can only choose what you need, which may mean choosing a DualSense controller and charger if you do not plan to go live.

Suppose you want to experience what PlayStation 5 offers in terms of sound. You can choose Pulse 3D wireless headphones, which are versatile.

The main recommendation for anyone who wants to buy a PS5 accessories bundle is an optional DualSense controller.

Anyone can add it to the PS5 collection and enjoy it. It is also worth noting that the PS5 works with most of the main PS4 accessories.

Such as the DualShock 4 controller, several headphones, special controllers, and storage stations. Just remember that PS4 controllers only work with PS4 games on PS5.

PS5 Accessories Restock

The world of PS5 rebuilding is growing, and retailers like GameStop have more options to buy the PS5 this week.

And we’re looking at Best Buy, Walmart, and Sony Direct for more options next week and some days.

There are many opportunities to secure a PS5 delivery within the next week. Therefore, we recommend you keep close contact with the dealers listed below.

It would be best to watch games in the UK, especially rumours about a new wave of PS5 orders that will hit these retailers.