Best PS4 Games to Play in 2022

It can be challenging to determine which to purchase or play with an extensive range of available high-quality titles. That’s why we’ve assembled the list of the best games for PS4 now. In this article, you’ll find a collection of the best PS4 games at the moment, regardless of category or genre. Also, read our review on the best PS5 games.

Top Trending Best PS4 Games

God of War

(Image Credit: Sony)


God of War is breathtaking. The game is helpful for both emotive narration and the intuitive fighting mechanism. The ax-throwing dynamics, especially the ax’s pressure as it returns to your hand in Thor’s hammer mode, are significantly appealing.

This game has the potential to be the best game of our generation. Few games receive such high acclaim, but this one unquestionably deserves it. Its stunning graphics and unrivaled gameplay are just a few of the reasons why this game is so fantastic.

The narrative is a magnificently convincing feature of a rather quality game. It pulls you in by continuously holding you on a train of twists and structures. All these make you aspire to unlock more scenarios that progress the plot. While also keeping each development in the story as refreshing as the last.

At its core, the grim essence of the plot is just a thin veneer over the more profound message of knowing and accepting past behavior. The gameplay is fantastic. The combat dynamics and skills are unprecedented in a video game. The sequence maintains the highly addictive gameplay of its season and every game genre of our age.

Obstructing in this game helps you not only protect yourself against an enemy’s hits but also to disrupt them. I am enabling you to check back with a volley of hits from your preferred weapon. The game’s advancement is addictive, and the incentives for completing side quests. And the primary mission is more than equitable. I am enabling you to improve and advance through a beguiling skill structure.

The graphics are breathtaking, and they’ve never been seen before. The miraculous landscape you ride through is incredibly unbelievable and vivid. And the scenery is spectacular. The environment’s Slavic style is ideal for both war and aesthetic appeal.

This game’s water simulation is a nearly perfect illustration of how games have progressed from 2D side scrollers to games that are unidentifiable from fact. The craftsmanship is unrivaled, and it’s evident that nothing was hurried, from the visuals to the action to the plot. When it comes to setting the tone, the soundtrack is also essential.

The camerawork is excellent, rendering the game one uninterrupted shot rather than jumping from one sequence to the next. Combining all these gives it a dramatic atmosphere and puts the viewer in the character’s shoes. This game is crucial in terms of graphical fidelity and clarity in general.

In our opinion, this is the best PS4 game in this era, exclusively available to us.



(Image Credit: IGN)


Thumper is a rhythm game that gets right to the heart of the matter. Traditional rhythm movement is mixed with pace and rewarding technical ability in this game. You fly a space beetle with one analog stick and a single key when careening through breathtaking and precarious environments. Brian Gibson of the renowned noise-rock band Lightning Bolt wrote an original score for each syncopated strike, smash, and effect.

Thumper’s challenge is that it is complex and strangling. It transforms the game into a vile, overwhelming, and terrifying environment combined with intense music and sharp visuals. It’s a game we’ll be watching and enjoying for decades. The game is an almost perfect realization of its particular ambitions and concerns.

Thumper is unlike any other game I’ve ever played, and I don’t mean that lightly. There are some comparisons to many other games in the category. But the dopamine boost and metaphysical fear experienced in the game are only a few of the things that set it apart. Thumper is a punishing deep dive into the depths that can drive you to your edge over and over again.

Thumper is an easy game to pick up. You’ll run through flashing crystals, red obstacles, twists, and blue circles as you sprint down the road. To thump crystals, press the X button, retain it to break through hurdles, and switch or take off the left analog stick.

Thumper is divided into nine levels that are broken down into manageable parts. Each section has a fixed loop that you’ll repeat a couple of times before moving on to another. They even double as barriers in case something goes wrong, which it almost always does.

Thumper has challenging gameplay; even two strikes will put you out. There’s no space for error with too many hurdles in the way. As a consequence, you’ll experience an adrenaline-pumping, at times frightening, plunge farther and farther into the gap.

Rhythm aggression is a perfect metaphor because it makes you remember. What precisely does the aggression aspect entail? It’s a two-fold case for Thumper. It was thumping each point, breaking through obstacles, and making a flawless turn. All produce a distinct tone that comprises the bulk of the music heard on stage.

Everything else in Thumper is entirely justified and flawless, from the sound quality and visual effects to gameplay. I recommend Thumper as one of the best PS4 games indeed.


Red Dead Redemption 2

red dead redemption
(Image Credit: Rock Star Games)


Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredible story of survival in America’s rugged heartland. The same team produced the game that brought you GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption. The expansive and surreal universe of the game also serves as the basis for a brand new online gaming experience.

How can we grasp this game’s perfection with its remarkable character growth, action scenes, and significant sound effects? And, most of all, it neatly complements the first Red Dead game.

Every single instance has the right feeling, including the instrumentals. As well as other ambient sounds such as bird music, police officer whistles, and rivers. With all of this, Rockstar has nailed the tournament. Nature has an authentic feel to it.

And we move on to the actual gameplay of this incredible adventure. It is a real adventure, not a game. When you experience it, you’ll see what we’re talking about. With the subtle use of theme songs, gripping storyline suspense, and the surrounding setting, crucial moments are portrayed wonderfully.

It does, in effect, but the player is on board. Then you’ll find the rest of the gang. You get to see them, together with Arthur, grow into more and more nuanced characters. Thanks to the beautiful mix of very in-depth character development; quite distinctive.

You can see how the character of Arthur Morgan, with all his wits, sees people for who they are in the game. He perceives and feels as though he is a genuine human. An individual who does not stray from his true self. He learns he doesn’t have much time to get TB, so he begins a salvation quest.

The diversity of companies adds various features and events for players to enjoy. Even, unlike GTA, the participants in this game seem to be much more relaxed. You can genuinely interact with the participants without getting blown up.


Ghost of Tsushima

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It is undoubtedly the incredible tale of the Mongol invasion of Tsushima Island. Jin Sakai, a powerful samurai, is struggling to free his country from the empire. It is among the most significant open worlds on PS4. And the gameplay mechanism is outstanding, ensuring intense, beautifully fulfilling katana-based wars. From animation to the art direction, everything is so right in place.

The cut scenes are gorgeous and flawlessly directed and recorded with Japanese and English voices. Though, lip synchronization was used for the English version. The game is challenging, appearing to be demanding without being unreasonable. It’s fascinating when you can take on teams of attackers while countering and shifting positions on the fly without sustaining injury.

The game is visually unique and an actual piece of art to me. The landscapes are among the most realistic and breathtaking I’ve ever seen in an immersive environment. From yellow woodland to thick, green forests to stormy coastlines, the different locations deliver a plethora of diversity and color. It never gets boring scampering across a field of white flowers flapping in the breeze as the sunsets.

The photo mode is indeed one of the game’s strengths for me. Several options are available, ranging from visibility to shifting Jin’s emotions to how many leaves you need in the frame, wind direction, and cloud cover. The choices available are very diverse.

Although unfamiliar with Japanese society, this game is simple to grasp and a must-have for anyone who enjoys innovative, open-world action games. It will be a treat to play this game, and we can certainly consider this one of the best PS4 games.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

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It is an interactive skill game successfully released and launched by Square Enix. The combat system is fantastic since it is one of its most outstanding features. And it allows you complete control over everything you are doing.

It has surpassed excellence and is considered among the best PS4 games. The top notches are high-quality graphics, polished characters, and a brilliant battle system.

This game is utterly stunning in graphics, plot, music, atmosphere, and, most importantly, characters. The increase in the eye for detail was probably the most obvious of all, which is in no way a critique of something else they did. In fact, in my view, they did all correctly. The battle system has been modernized and updated for today’s age. It now offers limitless ways to have fun when fighting an opponent.

The narration is stunning and lovely. Even the artistic licenses they’ve taken are refreshing and complex, resulting in something so engaging that it leaves both old and new audiences eagerly anticipating the next chapter. The sound design and narration were also excellent. It felt like I was watching a film. I was left speechless in many sections because it was so beautiful and complimented the initial.

If you miss out on this game, you should consider playing it as it’s truly a masterpiece for the gaming industry.


Doom Eternal

best ps4 games
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It is a massive boost over Doom 2016. This game has such dynamism to it. The controls allow you to quickly jump across the battlefield, destroying monsters along the way. To knock out the evil hordes, it’s simple to switch to guns, use tools, and group attacks simultaneously.

Doom Eternal takes your eye off the ball to the extreme, and maybe this game will one day be remembered as a watershed moment in modern culture. In any scenario, play it now and let its magic wash over you as you join its awe-inspiring space.

The attention to detail, artistic merit, quality attributes, gaming dynamics, skill development, and narrative depth, among other things, is astounding in this game. Because of these fantastic features, this game certainly deserves to be on the list of best PS4 games.

The combat is excellent, and while the plot is a little shaky at times (I enjoyed it). The gameplay more than compensates for it. The multiplayer is entertaining, but the mission and character customization are its most compelling features.

The art direction is fantastic, with many exciting laws. A welcome level design element, and a plethora of secrets to discover, really harkening back to the glory days of gaming. At times, the plot does come to an irritating halt, but that’s a slight quibble.

New enemy classes, weapon classes, shootings, locations, and the game’s general feel solidify it as undoubtedly one of the best PS4 games this year.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

best ps4 games
(Image Credit: Blog Activision)


From the forests of Vietnam to the avenues of Moscow, this game is the classiest ops we have played ever. In my view, the campaign is incredibly possibly the best tale that is sufficient to defeat MW2. The campaign is excellent, with a strong visual appeal and plenty of action.

While it is a little shorter than I had thought, it is still a nice little box. There are also options in the campaign, which I felt was a nice touch that I hope they keep in future promotions.

Zombies are a little scary at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Although, just getting one complete map is a bit of a pain. Multiplayer is much easier than most people think. The weapons are fantastic, and the gameplay is excellent.

So if you are looking for an awesomePS4 game, you must give it a try. The Multiplayer mode is also very likable because it makes you feel like competing with other people. I was also amazed at how they revived controllers, close to Contemporary Combat.

So do not get distracted by some bad reviews. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who loves easy, lean, and muscular momentum games. In my opinion, it is one of the best free PS4 games. It would be a wonderful experience for you. It would be best to try it once to decide its spark.


Please read our detailed review on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.



best ps4 games
(Image Credit: Sony/Media Molecule)


The new release from Media Molecule is an incredible artistic suite that allows you to create almost everything you want. The toolset is easy to use and smooth, enabling users to create amazing stuff with just a PS4 controller. The game’s soundtrack and motif are fantastic, and I recommend it to anyone with a genuine interest.

Moreover, this game is not as expensive as one can think of, you must go for it. Dreams were the path that had never been unlocked for somebody who has always wanted to get into game production but had never been able to devote the requisite time and money.

It’s the world’s first real pick-up-and-create toolkit. I have no previous experience in 3D modeling, music, game design, or other related areas. And still, here I am, making games. This toolkit is not only dependable but also highly efficient.

MM has done an incredible job making reasoning simple to learn but complex to master. Essentially, you’re programming in a 3D digital context. Rather than just writing stories between semi-colons, you squish devices on display. Then link them with stimuli to make them jump, fire, and release missiles. For your convenience, do whatever else you like.

This game is simply a visual game creation platform, and it’s fantastic. It doesn’t need any repetitive scripting. And it encourages you to use your creativity to make games. It is absolutely the best ps4 game for somebody who appreciates creativity and design.


Resident Evil 3

Created by Capcom and released in 2020, the successor of the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 3 is a fantastic war game that keeps you engaged till the end. It is an excellent remake of a classic game, comparable to last year’s excellent Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 3 retains the original characteristics, such as horrifying environments, terrifying monsters, and stressful respawning enemies. Moreover, an overwhelming focus on action, considering its modernized visuals and controls.

The game’s interface is incredible, from how you can evade obstacles. And how you can use the world around you for your benefit. The graphics, simulation, and artwork are top-notch. That is why it earned a place in our list of best PS4 games.

The environment is ominous and scary, particularly the hospital. If a match can reliably keep you scared and on edge, you know it’s doing its job well. Transitioning from RE2 to RE3 through RPD and other recaps has been highlighted. It’s priceless.

Due to object shortage, scouring every inch of the expertly crafted levels pays off. You’ll always end up connecting various stage parts by opening doors or lowering ladders in addition to finding ammunition, healing objects, and weapons. It helps you to get to previously visited places faster, travel to nearby saving rooms faster.

Safe variations or access codes for closed doors can also be found with perspective dictates. It’s a lot of fun to invade previously inaccessible rooms and discover them stuffed with the latter objects, from graphical effects to excellent sound scores. You would be overwhelmed by experiencing its art direction and mesmerizing themes. That is why we consider it one of the best PS4 games.


Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is the follow-up to Spelunky. A one-of-a-kind puzzle game directed by Derek Yu. In this game, players return to the depths of the earth to discover incredible locations brimming with traps, loot, and mysteries.

All of the seeds are created at a random pace, so you’ll never get the same adventure twice. This game is worth your time and money. It keeps you engaged for a long duration, and hence it is considered one of the best PS4 games.

The randomness of Spelunky’s nature requires you to inspect each area closely, so you don’t rush high into the air into an arrow pit. Get knocked by an opponent into an instadeath trap, or drop an inadequate bomb where it can do more damage than good.

At that exact moment, the clock is ticking. Suppose you spend longer than three minutes on a stage. A nearly invincible ghost squats and will pursue you aggressively. To live for an extended amount of time, you must be able to read the space – and do so quickly and correctly.

Spelunky 2 builds on all that made the first game unique yet also overanalyzing the elegant, nostalgic charm of its 2D level design. It isn’t doing anything to win over people that weren’t followers of the original’s crushing complexity. But as someone who has done more than 200 trials and feels like you’re just scratching the surface. You can see yourself enjoying Spelunky 2 for an extended time. It deserves to be on the list of best PS4 games.


Final Verdict

While your interests may vary from those of others, we have assembled a list of the most popular PS4 games for you, with PS5 scarcity already preventing PS4 holders from joining the new gaming revolution. The early days of 2021 had been an ideal opportunity for PS4 owners to move ahead on all the fantastic games released over the past seven years.

There is a lot of great stuff competing for your attention on PS4, between third-party highlights and Sony’s fantastic special editions. So we’ve compiled this list to showcase the best ps4 games.

This list of best ps4 games was assembled after thoroughly analyzing all of the PS4 content. We hope you will find this list helpful in deciding which ps4 game you would like to play.