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Astral Chain is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game from 2019, developed by Platinum Games and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Read this Astral Chain Review. The game takes place in a dystopian future country. It follows a particular police group’s events that protect the remnants of humanity from inter-dimensional beings and deviations that invade the planet.

The story is about the two new twin recruits to the working group. Using the “Astral Chain” of the same name, the twins hold and bind the creatures, use them in battles and investigations, and call them “Legions.” The game’s setting is strongly inspired by various manga and cyberpunk anime, while the game combines hack and slash battles with role-playing games and investigative episodes about adventure games. These segments are about controlling two characters simultaneously: Z willing and his Legion.

Astral chain Nintendo switch video game has had an estimated development cycle of five years. It follows a series of previous collaborations between Platinum Games and Nintendo, where the two companies have previously collaborated on titles such as The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta. 2. The game announces in February 2019 as part of this month’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Astral Chain Gameplay

Astral Chain is an action-adventure game where the player takes the role of a particular police detective, “Neuron,” responsible for solving cases and investigating incidents in “The Ark,” the game’s main world. Exploring the world, interviewing non-playable characters, and examining the evidence provide clues and logical puzzles that turn into “ladders” that help the investigation.

The player gets access to the “astral plane,” an interdimensional area where he must cross dangerous terrain, solve puzzles, and fight enemies, such as the dungeons in classic video games.

Neuron officers can summon a known “Legion” attached to a chain with the game name. Legions come in different shapes with different abilities that are used both to solve puzzles and to fight. The player starts the game with Sword Legion and saves the other four as the game progresses.

Legions can be changed during battle and leveled up with experience points and unlockable abilities. In addition to the player’s health, legions have their health meter gradually decreasing as they are summoned. They are also exposed to enemy attacks that affect their health to a greater extent. Your health restores when you are not active. When a legion depletes, the player cannot use it until they have restored all health.


Astral Chain Steam

The future was approaching. You think that means cutting edge for progress and science, but no. After the epidemic spread throughout the world in 2022, 95% of the total population became abominable creatures without moral values or humanity and began to hunt for everything that moved. The planet has become empty.

You’re a kid who woke up in the depths of a military lab. You are a vaccine test, and you manage to survive. Now you have immunity to the epidemic that you must share with everyone who lives on earth.

You have found a device that allows you to control the consciousness of these monsters. And you must go to the bunker with the survivors inside to save humanity from inevitable death. It is the future around the corner. In this game, you have to solve puzzles and control monsters to solve them. Avoid dangerous places and review the documents you find along the way.


Astral Chain 2

Hideki Kamiya, head of Platinum Games, briefly teased Astral Chain 2 on Twitter. However, Kamiya’s only words regarding a potential series were evident: “Astral Chain 2”, he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

The tweet is unavailable, but that did not stop him from making the trip until Kamiya deleted it. Once the tweet has been verified, it is probably also genuine. Given the recent venture of the Chinese conglomerate Tencent that enables Platinum to produce and release titles independently, the recently announced opening of a new platinum studio in Tokyo. Platinum may be big than Bayonetta 3, Babylon Fall, and Project GG to develop the astral chain.


Astral Chain Anime

With a name like Astral Chain, it is tough to plan.

  1. First, it is a name that remembers things like astrological and arcana philosophy books.
  2. Second, it is the latest version from Platinum Games, a studio best known for cool action games such as Bayonetta, Vanquish, and most recently Nier: Automata, in collaboration with idiosyncratic director Yoko Taro.

Astral Chain fills with exciting action sequences, but for the most part, it is different from any other Platinum game.

It’s different from anything I’ve ever played before. There are stories of stray cats and the future of humanity, and your most important weapon is a powerful creature bound to you by a chain. Astral Chain is strange, exciting, and sweet to an equal degree and is one of the most refreshing games of the year.

The astral chain does not waste time. Opening points pass as you cycle on a lively futuristic street, and explosions occur around you. It is intense and exciting even before you know what you are doing. The game puts you in the role of one of two twins (you decide if you want to play as a brother), part of an elite police force in Ark.

A sci-fi capability on an artificial island in a future where humanity is on the limit of collapse. The city is also under attack: strange chimeras appear and draw from another dimension. It’s a strange and often confusing installation, but it also allows the game to keep changing, sending you to different places to do multiple things.


Astral Chain Amazon

  • Players can control the main character, and a special weapon called Legion creates nice combinations with both characters.
  • There are several legions in the game, all with different fighting styles and abilities. Players can even switch between legions of their choice in real-time battles.
  • This apocalyptic scenario is full of intricate details and interesting characters, including citizens and suspects interacting with the city, other members of the Special Police, and your twin brother.

Use the Legion’s abilities not only in battle but also to investigate cases and solve environmental tasks.

  • Discover the secrets of the alternative dimension, the astral planet, where the mysterious invaders come from.

I hope this Astral Chain Review will help you out.