Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the company’s sweet life simulation game, would be a bonsai tree. As a series, Animal Crossing ignores many common aspects of video games, competition, and challenges. The game lets certain goals float in the background while you have fun and interact with your surroundings. It is one of the most relaxing and user-friendly game series, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is no different. It adds new features to the mix, such as tweaks, but still delivers the same low-pressure Zen experience as its predecessors. Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review.


Deserted Island

Instead of moving to a new city, Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes you to an “abandoned” island. Desert Island Getaway package, where you and two random animal lovers settle on an uninhabited island. That means you can start with tents instead of houses and do things instead of just buying them.

After a few days on your desert island, the tents will also be replaced with homes. The Resident Services tent is supplemented with the classic Nook’s Cranny tent, and you will have a complete museum where you can donate excavated fossils. That’s right; you’re not on a desert island; you’re in a zoo.


Real-Time Relaxation

If you’ve ever played an Animal Crossing game, you know what to do. However, if you do not have it, you may be confused about how it even counts as a game. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like other Animal Crossing games, is largely an experience in free form.

You can also go for a walk around your neighborhood, fishing, catching insects, collecting shells, digging for fossils, and interacting with your neighbors. In that way, you will raise money that will allow you to get a bigger house and fill it with decorations. You can also customize the island with tools and objects, garden or chop trees on a playground.


Work at Your Own Pace

The closest thing is the goal to repay Tom Nook’s mortgage. He will build you a house for an interest-free loan of several thousand clocks (currency of the game) and then from the repayment offer to expand his home to a new loan. Finally, you can get more rooms and even a basement. There is no pressure to repay the loan at any time, so you can build your home as much or as little as you want.

The desert environment gives you some extra tasks that you can complete by collecting and doing things. You also need to find copies to open a museum, gather materials to open a store, and possibly build different furniture to attract new residents to move to your island. The rewards include new tools and customization options to help you explore and build more of the island.


Arts and Crafts

That takes us to Animal Crossing: New Horizon’sbiggest new feature: crafting. You can use Tom Nook’s craft table (or your own) to make tools and furniture from materials you find on the island. By collecting wood from trees and minerals from rocks, you can create one.

However, you have to learn the recipe for everything you make, so in the end, you still have to buy or find these recipes (often in bottles on the beach) to assemble these items. That is another step of hard work that would be frustrating in a game with structured goals and pressure. But in Animal Crossing, it feels like another angle to get some nice surprises to play with.


Visit Other Islands

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you are not limited to your desert island. While you can only build your community on one island, Dodo Airlines lets you visit other islands as you wish. You can fly to your friends, where you can chat in the game and see how they present everything. Some tools such as axes and shovels are limited to Friends Islands. If you are not on the player’s best friends list, you can not damage the ecosystem while you are there (the nice thing is you have fruit, collect fish and fruit) and catch insects.


Nintendo and Chill

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fun, relaxing, and very relaxing. You will not feel any pressure when you play the game, and you will probably not have that much sense of competition if you are looking for structured goals and significant progress towards a specific goal. You will not find it in this game. You will find a large island that allows you to customize, develop and share many things to build, buy and place where you want Like, a bonsai instead of a board game.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Download

Enter the download code on the Nintendo Switch. Select Nintendo shop from the HOME menu to launch the Nintendo shop. Therefore, select the account you want to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons with. Open the Nintendo shop, and choose Enter Code on the left of the screen.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Update

According to the latest reports, Nintendo will announce plans for Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the 26th edition of E3 this year. Nintendo also has officially confirmed that they will be present at this summer’s biggest event. Animal Crossing has been under attack in recent months due to a lack of groundbreaking updates. Even the title’s most honest customers believe that New Horizons also needs new content to support the player base. Animal Crossing players are waiting for a crossover to be announced, much like the Mario crossover that added Mario elements to the life simulation title.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

We hope your Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide gives you everything you could want to know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons from one source. Whether you are a long-time islander or get some fresh air, we have it all for you. Do not worry about the tools or resources you need or what to do now on your island. We have everything for you. It’s easy to waste your whole life collecting insects, fishing, digging up fossils, mingling with cute animals, and generally living your best life on the island. With this in mind, here is all the Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides you have so far. So you can get started on your desert island.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips

  • Choose your departure card carefully
  • make sure the tents are separated
  • Gather everything, and new resources appear every day
  • Donate all items and sell everything else
  • Manage your inventory of “Bags” in a smart way
  • Look for invited visitors and listen to surprise packages.
  • Visit other islands with Nook Miles
  • Plant the fruits you find or get
  • Do not leave your legs intact and eat fruit to strengthen yourself
  • Beware of spiders and wasps


Animal Crossing New Horizons Villagers

A playable animal named “Villager” who crosses new horizons, represents the Animal Crossing series as a fighter in Super Smash Bros.

Final for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The character has male and female forms chosen when choosing the character.

  • Merry
  • Marshal
  • Pekoe
  • Beau
  • Diana
  • Lucky
  • Marina
  • Roald
  • Tia
  • Knox


Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch

Escape to a desert island and create your paradise as you explore, create and customize the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Your island vacation is filled with natural resources that allow you to create everything from tools to facilities. You can hunt insects at sunrise, decorate your paradise all day or enjoy the sunset on the beach while fishing in the sea. Time of day and time of year are real, so every day on the island is an opportunity to check in and find new surprises throughout the year.

  • We are rebuilding society from scratch on a desert island full of opportunities.
  • Please create your holiday and customize the character, home, decor, and even the landscape itself.
  • Gather supplies to make everything from furniture to tools! Then use what you create to customize your island.
  • Notice how the time of day and the seasons coincide with the real life of your hemisphere as well! Every day holds the potential for discoveries and surprises.
  • Meet the islanders, the garden, the fish, decorations, fossil hunting, and more.
  • Show your paradise: play with a total of 4 people on the same system or play together online or on a local wireless network for fun with them.

I hope this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review will help you out.