Angry Birds 2 Game Review – Tips to Get Started in Angry Birds

Updated: October 8, 2021

Angry Birds 2 is the first official sequel to the legendary Angry Birds, one of the most influential and downloaded games ever. The first thing that stands out in Angry Birds 2 is improved graphics. The graphics in the previous Angry Birds Games were pretty good, but they are spectacular in this game. Sometimes they are so good that it feels like you are watching a cartoon. Read this Angry Birds 2 Review.

In addition to the graphics, some cool features have been added to the original game. For example, you can choose your birds at each level. It may seem wrong, but it changes things a lot. Another innovation is multiphase. In the other versions, you can challenge your friends online in Angry Birds 2. You can play online tournaments.

Angry Birds 2 is a great video game and fun to play without the same refreshing quality as the original one. In this Angry Birds 2 review, you will learn about enhanced classic-type elements. In short, it’s a fun and addictive game that keeps you going for hours.


  • Choose your bird: Choose the bird you want to put in the sling and beat the pigs strategically.
  • Levels: Play Hundreds of levels and more for regular updates – watch out for the boss pigs.
  • Daily Challenges: Do you have a minute? Take a daily challenge and get quick rewards.
  • Raise your springs and increase the frequency of hits: Build the ultimate package.

Join a clan to kill pigs with friends and players from all over the world.

  • Impress the might Eagle: At Mighty Eagle Boot camp and earn coins to use for yours.
  • Competition in Arena: Compete with other players to have fun with the birds.
  • Collect Stupid hats: Collect hats with different fun themes and improve your bird fashion game.
  • Bad Pigs: The bad greens are back, Stronger, worse, and even greener.
  • Leadership Table: Is it the best in the world on the charts?
  • Free to download: Angry Birds 2 is completely free. Although Angry Birds 2 is free to download, there are optional purchases in the app.


Important Tips to Get Started in Angry Birds


Know your Birds

  • Red: One of the most common birds, red is no longer just a blunt instrument that you can throw around. Now he has a unique ability; tap the screen while Red is on the run to lose a powerful wind gust, which works like the Force Push ability from Angry Birds Star Wars. It is perfect for hitting heavy towers.
  • Blues: This little guy splits into three identical little guys when you tap the screen while he’s in flight. Blue tears easily through ice blocks, but he is too small and weak to impact more complex material, such as stones.
  • Chuck: Chuck’s triangular shape helps him cut straight through wooden blocks like a living bird saw. Tap the screen while in the air to send it in a straight line, like a feather ball. If you spot a wobbly tower with a wooden base, Chuck is the one taking it down.
  • Matilda: She is white, shaped like an egg, and she pops eggs when you touch the screen after throwing her. She lays her eggs with enough force to push her upwards. If you aim carefully, you can use that moment to your advantage and remove blocks above and below.
  • Silver: Silver is a newcomer to Angry Birds, and it’s a bit of a show. Tap the screen as she hovers to make her pull off a quick loop, which ends in a nose directly from below where her Loop first began. She is tricky to aim at, but you can use the force of her upward swing on the Loop to cut any structure. Or you can simply. Go into hard-to-reach cracks.
  • Bomb: You can guess it from his name, but this blackbird explodes. You can probably find out how to use this yourself.
  • Terence: Terence is the JUGGER bird. He’s big, he’s HEAVY, and he knocks down everything that gets in the way. Think of him as a super-large version of Red, just without the innovative Force Push capability.


Know Your Environment

Knowing your birds is helpful, but using the environment to your advantage is just as crucial in Angry Birds 2. Watch out for flowers, eat everything that comes in contact with them, and then spit it out heavily. They are a great way to extend a bird’s flight time or make something into a Chuck-like bullet.

Always remember to adjust for big fans as well. They are powerful enough to propel everything that enters their airstream, even bosses. Fans are usually placed in a way that forces you to think about throwing your birds, but they can be helpful during boss levels.


Learn When To Use Spells

Spells replace power-ups in Angry Birds 2. You can either buy five in all (with real money) or earn through games, even if you are gifted three with each one you unlock. You can equip a spell at the beginning of each step.

Here’s how each spelling works:

  • Golden Duck: Discard this to release a shower of heavy, golden ducks covering the entire level. They have no special powers, but they take on pig housing structures with large numbers and are often enough to meet a level.
  • Frost: Throw out this special snowflake to turn every scene block into ice. Very handy when facing a nutty tower of Stone, and even better if you have some blues saved.
  • Hot Chili: This dangerous pepper turns a random pig on the level into a timed explosive. Throw it away, wait a few seconds and watch the bacon rain.
  • Pig Inflator: This is fun. You turn every pig on the screen into a rapidly inflated bubble. Affected pigs say goodbye when the bubble bursts, as well as something around them. Finished a level Quickly and gives you a good score boost when you use it on a narrow level
  • Mighty Eagle: It’s back. We haven’t unlocked Mighty Eagle yet in Angry Birds 2 – but in previous games, you can use him by throwing out a can as if it’s a flare for a precision missile. The mighty eagle then floats in and decimates everything in its path.



Learn How Life and Pearls Work

Angry Birds 2 is a free game that changes how some meta-elements work. First, you now have a fixed number of “lives” that determine how many times you can reset before forcing you to use resources (game currency or real money) or wait for a timer.

You will restore five lives after half an hour, but you can “buy” and continue to level completely with 60 pearls. With this game currency, you can also buy more spells. You get gems in various ways, including daily quests, treasure chests shown on the map, and arena mode unlocked after level 25.

Do not forget to visit the main screen save the map every day. Tap the icon at the bottom of the screen, square in the middle, to see your daily tasks. If you complete these simple tasks like “Collect 10 Stars,”. You will get pearls. Open the daily assignment menu and click on the requirements button to receive your prize when you have completed an assignment.

An icon on the game screen appears when you End your life. Tap it to see an ad and get an extra life. You can do this as many times as you want while waiting for new Lives to load.


When All Else Fails, this is not the only Angry Birds

Angry Birds 2 is a developed version of the series that interprets its core fun ideas. But that’s not important. If you are frustrated with all the restrictions and the waiting time for free spins, just quit the app and start one of the other 10 Angry Birds games now.

We hope this Angry Birds 2 Review will help you understand the core elements used in the game.