Among Us Game Review – Parents Need To Know Everything

Updated: November 3, 2021

If you have a bored teenager at home, you’ve probably heard him talk to his friends online about the Among Us Game. It has been available to play since 2018, but this year the US popularity increased when the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to connect with friends online instead of in person.

Since late summer, Among Us Game PS4 has been the subject of many memes and online game streams, attracting over 60 million users daily and receiving more than 100 million mobile downloads. In mid-October, US Congressmen Alexandria OCASIO-Cortez and IIHAN Omar even hosted a Twitch broadcast to encourage young people to vote in the 2020 election to draw even more attention to Fest Online.


Among Us Game


Parents are probably wondering: Is it right for children to play among us? Is there anything the children need to see or learn? Whether your child has asked for permission to play or has been playing for a while, this guide has answers to questions that parents may have about this popular online crime game.

What’s the Game Among Us?

It is one of the best short descriptions ever: “A local online teamwork and disappointing board game for 4-10 players in space!”

Play online or via the local internet with 4-10 players as you prepare your spaceship for departure. However, be careful that one of them is a scammer determined to kill them all! Crew members can win by completing all tasks or finding the ship’s cheaters and voting. The scam can use sabotage to wreak havoc, facilitating killing and improving alibi.


What Should Parents know About Us?

AMONG US game is fun. Seriously! If you are at a party with the family, expect a good laugh. Many parents were happy that there was finally a game their children liked that was not wholly inappropriate (or complicated for us parents)!

Among Us PS4 collects data (controlled by Google) to display ads using the free version. Here is the disclaimer you see when setting up the app.

Among Us players can get in touch with other players anywhere. BONUS: you can choose a “censor chat” in settings that make a decent curse word “fucking”. He did well with the usual bad words, but he burst out “laughing” (laughs). But again, the stakes are always higher when you chat with strangers online. Also, keep in mind that other players’ usernames may be mature. But, again, you cannot control it.


Here are Two Digital Truths that Affect Us

  • Every child is always where predators are.
  • All digital chat environments always have problems with shared content. I do not care how good your syntax controls are.

I suspect we will soon see reports that a predator Among Us is being used to care for a child. You believe that a more appropriate age for the application should be 12 years or older. Allowing children of primary school age to play should always be supervised by a parent.



  1. Host other players on the local network
  2. Play online with other players
  3. Use a personal invitation code to (1) join them

Among us is offered in-app purchases for Swag and an update to remove ads. This last point is important because the free version of the game has ads for more than 12 games (remember that Among Us has received 9+ ratings) that are not suitable for young people. These are some sexualized ads that appeared when PYEs Chris played with his 15-year-old daughter. That being said, it’s almost always a good idea to pay for the $ 1.99 ad-free version.



Vocabulary Among Us

  • Teammate: A player.
  • Fraud: You have been called one of the “murderers” who tries to kill others without suspicion.
  • SUS: “suspect” or perhaps one of the fraudsters.
  • Vent / vented: Fraudsters often use a train to go from room to room and eliminate companions.
  • AFK: Away from the keyboard, it is more common in the PC version.



Among us lives up to the hype. It is an intense and refreshing style of multiplayer experience that has not reached digital dynamics until recently. The well-deserved sequel shows how engaging killing and cheating friends can be, along with Inner sloth’s lovable art, accessibility, and clever mini-game design. I do not have the slightest suspicion that this will be the last game in his career that revolts because we see its impact on mega-games. But it is the success of the genre and a great first impression.